Surrey meets Nigeria

This blog covers the highs and lows of living life as a Nigerian student at the University of Surrey!

Sssshhh!…Exams in progress

   Sssshhh!…Exams in progress Yes, final exams for 2017/18 Academic session are on… The Library is full…  And study tips signs are clear… However, different departments have different requirements for assessments. For MBA students, we take only one exam in Finance at the beginning of the year and the rest of the session is filled with […]

Do you believe in forecasts?

Hiya… Today I’d be touching on something slightly different and its the about the weather…Do you believe in forecasts? In Nigeria, I never had to consider checking a forecast to know what the weather would be like. It was pretty much predictable as it is either very hot or rainy, maybe cold at some points […]

Nigeria in Surrey

Hello again, Today is one of those days that I have chosen to further reflect on my Surrey Journey and how much of the ‘Nigerian feel’  I have experienced here… As at last September, the Nigerian student population was 164 – the largest population among the other 16 African countries represented here at the University […]

ASK…you could just get a scholarship!

‘Ask and it shall be given’…You must have heard this before right? A.S.K can also be an acronym for Ask, Seek, Knock – all 3 actions express the desire to get something. I remember speaking with a bunch of teenagers at a pre-departure session at my work place. It was organised for Students travelling abroad […]

Class Participation & Engagement

Awesome April to you! Trust you had a good Easter. Right from my MBA Orientation, I had heard that your class participation is highly essential on the MBA program particularly with certain lecturers requiring of it. I am the usual ‘quiet and conservative’ person without wanting to call any attention to myself – in simple […]

Cold, Coffee & Classes

Happy Easter Season to everyone… I’m simply fulfilling my promise to talk about the 3C’s as mentioned in my last post and which I ‘found’ a bit fascinating on my arrival at Surrey and they are… The Cold… It’s not news that a country like the UK is cold. I have come to the UK […]

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