University of Surrey: Nigeria

This blog covers the highs and lows of living life as a Nigerian student at the University of Surrey!

How to get a part-time job.

Hello! After all the excitement of the new year died out, I noticed that my bank account balance had died along with all the new year resolutions I made :.(  Who knew joining the FitFam would cost so much! Although the Surrey Sports Park is offering a 6 month membership with over 30% savings Click Here and […]

33°C to 3°C

Hello, everyone! Back to the miserable English weather 🙁 If you’re feeling a little homesick you aren’t alone, with deadlines looming ahead now is not the time to be feeling low but not to worry I’m here to cheer you up. After spending three beautiful weeks in the motherland with my friends and family returning to […]

The Jollof Wars

Hey guys, how have you been? Seasons Greetings! I’m so happy it’s the holidays. Initially, I was going to stay in the going UK for Christmas but, after all, the stress from deadlines, I figured I should treat myself to a mini tour around West Africa! And I’m going to take you guys with me […]

Christmas away from the family

This will be my first Christmas away from my family. I really can’t believe I’m not going back to Lagos for the holiday but whenever I look at the workload I have to get done by January I know I made the right decision hahaha. There’s my final year project midterms, a group project report […]

Lagos to Guildford

Hello everyone, I’m Nana a new postgraduate student at the University of Surrey. I choose this university mainly because it offered an MSc Sustainable Development with lecturers who have worked in Nigeria and Worldwide. This was important to me because after my undergrad I came out feeling a bit lost and not quite sure how […]

Women In Tech by Debut

Have you heard about the new graduate recruitment app called Debut? Well last Wednesday, my friends and I attended an event in London after being Talent Spotted on our Debut app.   It was a Women in Tech event where we got to meet and network with different women across the UK interested in technology.  […]

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