Housing Crisis: Negotiation! 英國找房:實戰篇🏠

Hello everyone! First of all, giving out my deepest apologize for you guys… The series that I promise everyone to do has been postponed after two months, but technically it was Easter break so…🙃 Anyways I am back to finishing off the housing series today! As I have left for sooooo long, I will never let you down with today’s contents! Let’s get started👅


Continue from where we end last time, believe that you have all used the techniques to search your ideal house and carry on with the procedure. Now it’s the time when you do the house viewing and contract signing! Once you found a decent house online, don’t wait until all your housemates to reply, GIVE A CALL FIRST! It is super competitive in Guildford since the majority of the people that are looking for houses during this time are 90% students, and their group might be very much similar to your around 4-6 people, in that case the house gone FAST. Give calls to the agency or landlord as soon as you saw a house that match your requirements, make sure you got the confirmation of the house viewing time then tell your flatmates to come over. Getting the spare timetable from your flatmate in advanced will definitely help with the house viewing booking for sure.


When you are doing the house viewing, there are some important points that need to be check. Obviously the first thing is if you like the layout of the house, either the size of the room, arrangement of the floor plan or the lighting. The second thing is definitely the facilities, how old the hob and toilet is, the conditions of the floor and walls and water pressure, heating etc. Finally, it is actually how you feel like it? It’s important since you are gonna live in the house for an entire year, either the house itself or the attitude of the agency or landlord is also important. When you start to living in a rented house, it is not like living in a student accommodation that you can call the maintenance to come over to sort out your electricity, heating and water whenever it occurs any problems. The response time could take ages of the agency or landlord isn’t very positive to sort them out for you, which I think it is also a very important point to consider when it comes to house haunting.


After you get your dream house that you would love to stay for the new semester, last but not the least, it’s contract signing time! Yah I know, scary🤢But it is a must to read it through, asking a trusted adult to double checked for you might be more secured. Especially for international students like us, the process is even more complicated, one of the most important thing is to get a guarantor. Not really sure who is actually entitled to required a guarantor, I think is the ones that don’t have any stable income but even the local British students, they will still need to find a guarantor, and they are mostly their parents. In that case, it is quite difficult for international students to find a guarantor since they must be over 20 years old who has stable income and hold a valid British citizenship and living in the UK for a certain time. So if you didn’t have a cousin or friend that match the requirements, you might be asked to pay your rent in advanced.


I will call it a day now, but stay tune for more information for sure!


See ya

Mandy x