Surrey meets Taiwan

An insight into life at Surrey from a current Taiwanese student

The final year begins!

Hello everyone! It’s been so long since my last update😅 Sorry for not being active, but I’m actually back on campus since October! Well, which means my final year has just gone past by 7 weeks (also submitted my first assignment already lol). I should really come here earlier at the beginning of the weeks, […]

New Normal: 回歸正軌

Hey everyone! It’s time for another blog, how’s everyone doing? After a sweaty week with all those sunshine, not surprisingly the UK has since again return back to the rainy weather and officially got back to the Autumn season. But who knows after two weeks time it might go back to summer again😅 However! There […]

Work From Home👩🏻‍💻: 疫情下的實習生活

As I mentioned in my last article, I am currently working from home to complete my placement year. Today I will simply introduce how my working pattern has changed and how I adapted to this change. 上一篇文章我有稍微提到目前我是以在家工作的方式繼續完成我剩下的實習,今天我會簡單的介紹有什麼工作方式上的轉變跟我如何去適應,那麼就繼續看下去吧~ In the beginning of introduce WFH policy before the lockdown, some of our essential workers such as rack […]

Placement Update: 疫情下的居家生活

It’s been so long since my last update on placement, when I realized it has been almost five months, apologies! First of all, I wish whoever is reading this are all keeping safe and healthy. I am doing well under the pandemic, remaining staying in the UK to finish my placement year. Everything wasn’t going […]

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