Surrey meets Taiwan

An insight into life at Surrey from a current Taiwanese student

Student Ambassador 2019/20

Hello guys, today’s topic is very special which I can finally stop talking about myself… it is the time for you to shine! The application of student ambassador 2019/20 has opened (it actually opened a week ago sorry for not keep updating…!) and this is the opportunity for those of you who are looking for […]

Workplace Culture: Coffee or Tea?

Here you go, a different theme from the placement diary! I guess some of you might find out the placement diary to be a little bit boring since it is quite unrelated based on the industry that I am in. (I have tried to make it fun and exciting lol don’t break my heart) Additionally, […]

英國實習週記:短期部門見習Week2 💼 Placement Diary: Pre-sales II

Hi guys it’s another weekly update for my placement phase 2 in pre-sales department! Following by the visit to Shure last Friday, we have another manufacturer came in for some products introduction again. Also, some more exciting job came to me this week, so stay tuned and keep reading! 大家好!又是到了每個禮拜的實習洲際更新時間了,而今天是在pre-sales的第二個禮拜~ 繼上禮拜前往Shure參觀,這禮拜也有不同的製造商來公司裡做了產品展示。還有就是我開始接了一些事務了!!所以廢話不多說繼續愈看下去吧~ At the beginning of […]

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