Surrey meets Taiwan

An insight into life at Surrey from a current Taiwanese student

Housing Crisis: Living! 英國找房:居住篇🏠

Hello everyone, it’s the time of the year again! Yes, when we are all suffering with our finals🤪But here I am! Still need to finish this series that I promised before! Last time we have talked about the guarantor for international students and today I will be writing about it with more details. 嗨大家,又到了一年一度大家水深火熱的期末了🤪但是我還是上來把跟大家約定的系列文寫完(兼賺微薄薪水哈哈) 上次我們說到找保證人這件事,今天我就來繼續把這部分寫完還有給大家更多詳細的補充~ […]

Housing Crisis: Preparation 英國找房:準備篇🏠

As promise, I’m back with a brand new series of article this week! And it’s the first intro for our house haunting series, today I will be present all the essential preparation and introduce the sources include everything for house haunting. If this is what you have been looking for, check this out!😉 約好這禮拜要開啟新系列的文章,我終於準時出現了!第一篇就是大家敲碗很久的找房篇,今天我會告訴大家事前可以先做什麼準備還有告訴各位可以運用的資源等等。如果你需要這方面的資訊的話請繼續看下去~😉 First, […]

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