Summer in Surrey

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great time in Surrey and were not stressed about the exam.

I am so happy but sad at the same time that my time with the University of Surrey is coming to an end. For the past five years, I have enjoyed my time with the Unviersity of Surrey. Now I am about to finish, I can confirm my decision to come study abroad was one of the best choices I can ever make in my life. Not only does it help me to meet many friends from different countries but also had the opportunity to broaden my perspective and learned from new angles.

Throughout my five years at the university, one of my favourite places on campus was the lake. Especially during the summertime, when the sun is out and the weather is warm, it is so nice to just grab food from Youngs Kitchen, Hillside Cafe, and even the vendors from Thursday market to enjoy the peacefulness of Guildford. The lake is a spot where Surrey held various events like summer concerts or outdoor cinema from morning to evening. Surrey send the information about the events through the newsletter, if any of you are interested please go ahead and look for details. I am so glad that the summer events were able to come back after a year’s pause from Covid-19. Being able to enjoy the sunshine, and the lake with live bands was definitely one of the highlights and advantages of coming to Surrey.

Apart from the beautiful lake, I also really enjoyed the state of art facilities of Surrey. Especially the recent update from teaching facilities and study space. The second update I really like about the campus is the new teaching and studying facilities. When the Nest first joined, I was so happy that Surrey really took action on students’ opinions to build a more relaxing space for people to hang out and socialise. It was nice that it added to the variety of facilities on campus where there are not only formal and official meeting spaces but also a place where you can come to relax and chill. The second upgrade I really like about is the new group study space, Spark. I used to have the issue where I can never book a group study room in the library, especially during the exam period. Now with more facilities on campus, it distributes the traffic to the library and allows students to access the same quality of studying. Apart from the new study space, the last one I would like to mention is the upgrade of the teaching block. I still remember when I first joined the University of Surrey in 2018, the building has been there and was last renovated a while back. So after being a year away from campus, I was so happy to see that the building has a new look and all the facilities are modern and upgraded.

I would really miss the time at the University of Surrey after leaving, but I was also happy that I made the right choice for choosing to come study here, which really made my five years have a lot of memories to look back on.

Anyway, wish everyone a lovely week and all the best on the final.

I will see you all in the next blog.