Surrey meets Taiwan

An insight into life at Surrey from a current Taiwanese student

Test and Control

Hello and welcome back to the update of the week! This is the second week since the UK government has released the lockdown restrictions and the gym, shops and restaurant started to re-open again. The weather has been amazing since the ease of lockdown, people start to come out and enjoy the sunshine with friends […]

Tips and Tools for essay writing

Hello again! As promised, the article on essay writing is here! Surprisingly to see me being so active and bring another blog straight away right? Me too😆 Girl gotta keep her words! Most of the posts I shared before are focusing or even just introducing my course assignments specifically in filming or broadcasting etc. But, […]

Here comes SPRING!

Hello everyone! I know it has been forever since my last update, or actually my only post in the last semester 😅 A lot of things happened to me in the past few months, completed a module by filming a short film, got assigned to a few groups for different graduation creative projects. And the […]

The final year begins!

Hello everyone! It’s been so long since my last update😅 Sorry for not being active, but I’m actually back on campus since October! Well, which means my final year has just gone past by 7 weeks (also submitted my first assignment already lol). I should really come here earlier at the beginning of the weeks, […]

New Normal: 回歸正軌

Hey everyone! It’s time for another blog, how’s everyone doing? After a sweaty week with all those sunshine, not surprisingly the UK has since again return back to the rainy weather and officially got back to the Autumn season. But who knows after two weeks time it might go back to summer again😅 However! There […]

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