Back at the University, my final year kicked off

Hello everyone, I hope everything is going well and you found the last blog interesting or somewhat relatable. Today I want to share my feeling about returning to university after a year away from student life.

If I were asked to describe the feeling of returning to the university in one word, I would say it is refreshing both in the environment and lifestyle. Surprisingly, after getting used to the convenience of London, being an-hour train away isn’t as hard to adapt as I had imagined. I enjoy living in London because of its convenience and bustle where there is always something going on: new places to visit, restaurants to try out, and new friends to meet. the city gives you fun and energy, but the downside of that is the noise, air pollution, high cost of living as well as the freshness of the food. Less than a month after moving back to London, a lot of my friends are already looking forward to the date to move back to London. I do miss London but before getting back to the city, I want to take time and enjoy the final year in Surrey, the slow pace, the fresh food, the high price and value bar and the calming environment.

Being a final-year student, I am much more focused on my career development and academy. I also become more organised and take a precise way of thinking when it comes to planning my assignment and the week ahead. I realised I tend to be more anxious and feel overwhelmed when I know there are many things to accomplish. But once I start to organise them and take methodical ways to solve the issues, start to lay down the plan and the research to do, it doesn’t seem that hard to execute them and finish them by the deadline. This method turns out to be really useful for managing my stress and workload, so I recommend it to any of you who are also struggling and feeling overwhelmed with the number of tasks waiting in front of you. Other than the change in the way for me to manage tasks and assignments, another thing that I want to change this year is to seize the last chance to hang out with friends. The majority of my friends come from international backgrounds, half of them decided to leave the UK after graduation and the other half of them have made up their minds to stay in the country. No matter staying or leaving, it will be harder to meet up once we are apart from the university. Therefore, I want to make the most of it in the last year we have together. It is hard and sad to think about this but I guess it’s another thing to encounter and get used to as part of the growing-up process. So don’t worry if you have this feeling, you are not alone.

To conclude my feelings for stepping into final year, it is both exciting and nervous. I find myself more clear on the path that I am aiming for and am also more structured and committed to taking steps to achieve my goals. I know which lecture I will enjoy more and what I don’t like as well as the reason for that. For me, that’s already the first step to eliminating the things that are not for me by narrowing down the selections to find what I want. There might be times when I feel down and lost but who is not? The best I can do in this situation is to trust the process and do my best for every step I take. There will not be any progress and moving forward if I only allow the idea to exist in my head, that’s something I want to share with everyone and something I need to remind myself of every day. Hopefully, at the same time this year, I will be working for a company in London, having a role I enjoy and managing multiple tasks while writing a blog on the weekend.

Thank you for all of you reading the paragraph this far, I hope it is somewhat useful and related to you. Before the next blog have a good week ahead!