Surrey meets the USA

An insight into life at Surrey from current US students

Wintery Copenhagen

First trip of 2017 was to the beautiful city of Copenhagen in Denmark! My sister and I have wanted to go for years, but only had the opportunity since she moved to England with me in September. We went with three of my other friends from the university.   Hostel: The hostel we stayed at […]

Studying on a Budget: Savings Tips and Federal Aid

When I began considering postgraduate programmes, one of the first issues that came to mind was how I would manage to fund my studies, let alone studies abroad. I had known for years that I’d like to study in the UK, however, the cost of living and the US Dollar to Great British Pound exchange […]

Global Graduate Award Opportunities at Surrey

Happy Friday! This week’s blog post is about optional coursework at Surrey. There are of course many differences between studying in the UK and the US, however, one of the most striking differences that I have found is just how tailored and specific coursework in the UK is compared to coursework at home. Although it […]

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