Surrey meets the USA

An insight into life at Surrey from current US students

So what is there to do in Guildford?

Sports and Societies: The number of things to do at Surrey is entirely up to your interests. There are hundreds of clubs and sports teams to join that can help you meet new people and try something different. Examples of the societies are the video game society, harry potter society, stage crew (who do the […]

Learning English Culture Through TV!

In my last blog, I spoke about all the things I loved about England. I missed out on one of the most important: the TV! I have always thought that some English shows just could not exist in America. I don’t think the reality shows would be possible without the English people. If you are […]

Over 365 Days Later

Less than 10 days until I fly back to America. I can hardly believe it! I have spent over a year away from home and just the idea of going back seems strange. England has really become my second home this year. I feel established: I have amazing friends, a great job at my favorite […]

What do you plan to do after your Master’s degree?

Crossing the Atlantic means changing your surroundings. Duhhhh, this is obvious, right? Though this may seem totally transparent, the connotations that come with this idea aren’t nearly as strong as the tangible reality of that fact. Living 3,941 miles away from home in Chicago for a year is allowing me to experience my days with a different sense, slowly morphing […]

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