Moving Advice

With another year gone, it is time to once again pack up and move. Each year my experience has been a bit different. My first year I stored my things at my extended family’s house. Second year I had a moving truck bring them straight to London. This time I will have my things put into storage over the summer.

Moving can be a stressful situation. There is never enough time and without the luxury of having an immediate family to help you move your things, let alone store them, it can be daunting. However, I am here to help make that situation as pleasant as possible with a couple tips and tricks!

  1. Collect as few things as possible.

Now this may be a bit late at this point in the game, but the less you have, the less you have to pack. I have stopped buying random things so I don’t have to pack them up at the end of the year. That will save you time, space, and money!

  1. During the last couple months of your tenancy, start using up half-empty products.

Finish your shampoo, house cleaners, and of course all the food in the pantry and the fridge. These are just things you don’t need to pack as they can be bought again next year for minimal costs.

  1. Recycle, donate, or throw out unused items.

If you haven’t worn that shirt for the last six months, you don’t need it. Donate it to a second-hand charity shop! Only keep things you actively use.

  1. Visit the Ryman at the top of the high street (opposite/near the post office) for storage boxes. Or better yet, collect them throughout the year.

This is where I have bought my cardboard storage boxes over the last couple years. You can get a set of 10 for £23. I have had no problems with them. They are relatively durable, have handles, a lid, and plenty of space inside. To save money, save the boxes from your Amazon purchases or other deliveries. Remember to label them with the contents! (You’ll thank yourself when you’re unpacking)

  1. Use SpaceBags (or the equivalent) for storing clothing.

I always put my clothes in SpaceBags when I move. You vacuum out the air, so you save loads of space and they protect your clothes from dirt and water. These handy bags are how I managed to move my entire wardrobe from America to England. They are about £20 on Amazon for 6 large bags. Prices vary based on brand.

If you are leaving the country over the summer and need somewhere to store your things, but don’t have friends or family you can leave them with, then you will need to use a storage company. This year I am using Kelly’s Storage. Besides just their storage service, they will deliver the storage unit and help you load/unload your boxes (at extra cost). I have not had my items collected yet, but the service so far has been very flexible and helpful. If you mention my name, Holly Boothroyd, as a referral they should be able to give you a £50 discount!

I hope that all helps! Best of luck moving