Summer vibes : Dissertation, Friends & BBQ ☀️

Hello Hello,

It’s been a month since my latest blog post and I am still wondering why is time passing so quickly these days?

As you are probably getting ready to embark on your Surrey journey in 2 months, I just wanted to share some updates with you on my Life as a Master student!

Summer University of Surrey

Thankfully, it is still summer in the UK 🌞 and I am enjoying every bit of it…except for the heat in my campus room. I was really surprised to find out that there no AC in houses in the UK (and that include campus housing of course), well because it’s never that hot for so many days in a row and it totally makes sense.

The good news is…it forced me to spend all my afternoons in the library and make significant progress on my dissertation 🤓.

The campus is extremely quiet yet beautiful in the summer and here are some summer pictures taken on my way to my second home (again referring to the library).

Summer University of Surrey

Another update and probably my favourite as it involves food is that we held a BBQ on Tuesday with the Chevening Scholars here at the Uni and our friends.

Chevening Scholars at University of Surrey

Chevening Scholars at University of Surrey

If you recall, I had share with you that there were 11 Scholars from all around the world here at the Uni of Surrey. Just in case you missed it, you can read that post 👉🏾 HERE

Being outside of the library for a change was so refreshing and we definitely had a good time filled with laughter and even dancing.

If you are interested in learning more about the Chevening Awards, please visit the website or email us at:

Chevening Scholars at University of Surrey

The application for 2019-2020 open in August and it could be YOU in a similar picture next year 😃

Thank you for reading

Until next time, 

Yasmine 👋🏾