The Final Grind

Hello all!

After a whirlwind placement year and fantastic summer at home, it is (sadly) finally time to buckle down and begin the dreaded final year.

As of today, we are four weeks into the term and so far so good! This semester I only have three learning modules, the fourth one being my dissertation which in total takes up 45 of the 60 credits for the year. Next semester I’ll only have two, as is the case for most final year degrees here, to be able to focus on the dissertation.

The modules I have this year are super interesting, and I genuinely look forward to going to class every week, so that’s good! It definitely makes navigating final year a lot easier when you’re not forcing yourself to pay attention to your modules. I could go on and on about the kind of stuff we’re learning and so I will stop myself before I get too carried away. That said, I often get asked what exactly Criminology is and so sometime in the near future I shall do a post all about what the degree entails – keep your eyes peeled for that if you’re interested!

As for the dissertation, this is a slightly more unnerving aspect to final year. It is kind of like a constant thought just sort of looming in the back of your head at all times. BUT, with time management, organisation and the wonderful help of placement supervisors, this enormous feat is very much doable and not as scary as it may seem! This is not to say I will not be undergoing some stress because of this – it is only week four, after all, the stress is very much coming – but I am adamant that it shall not consume me!

This shall be my goal as I progress throughout the rest of this year – to remain calm and on top of everything. Hopefully it works out but who knows! Stay tuned to keep up with the rest of my journey through final year and we shall find out together 🙂

Till next time!