Past the craziness of midterms!

Hello again everyone

I hope you’ve all had a great and stress-free week since my last post.

Since my last post, I’ve had a lot of late nights studying and finally completed my last midterm exam. I feel a sense of relief, as I usually get really stressed about exams but I don’t have much free time until my next assignments are due. Since I’ve finished my exam, I’ve really been trying to get in as much sleep as I can and I’ve just been taking some time to recharge and prepare for my assignments.

Although the last couple of weeks have been challenging in terms of studying and taking my exams, going through all of the content I had to study made my love for my degree grow even more. I find the whole world of Biomedical Science absolutely fascinating and the longer I spend doing this degree, the more I feel comfortable in it and the more I know it really is meant for me.

Second year has come with a lot of challenges, and I know I’ve mentioned this in a lot of my blogs, but it really is worth the hard work and all of the late nights spent studying. The harder I work, the more rewarding it feels to finish my exams and overall I feel less guilty giving myself days off, because of all of the time that I do put into my work.

Because of lockdown currently, the days that I’ve given myself off have comprised of going on walks with my flatmates, movie nights in our kitchen and an endless amount of naps during the day. But… from tomorrow I’ll have to get back to work and start on my assignments. Luckily, my lecturers have provided us with a lot of resources, include pre and post practical tutorials, where they have gone over what we need to include in our reports and essays, thus it will hopefully make the process of writing these assignments a lot easier.

From the start of midterms, I’ve also been reminded again about how we’re all in the same boat during this pandemic and a lot of my friends have experienced the same stresses and concerns that I’ve had about these exams. Spending late nights studying can sometimes feel really lonely, but it always helps to message one of my friends and vent about the amount of stress/work we have to do. I honestly think that without my friends, I would find second year only that much harder.

Apart from needing to continue on with my assignments, I also need to start applying to placements once again as I’ve sort of put that on the back burner during my midterms. I’ve already put together some opportunities that I would like to apply for, all I have to do now is actually fill in the applications and hope for the best. It has sort of been reassuring and calming to see a lot more placements open up, because for a while there weren’t very many available after the first wave of applications closed.

Seeing as we’ve essentially gotten over the toughest part of the semester, apart from the end of semester exams, I’m hoping that these next couple of weeks leading up to Christmas and New Years will be calm and relaxing for all of us!

That’s all from me for this week 😁

I hope you all have a wonderful week coming up and remember to take time for yourself to destress and to do something fun!