A Wellbeing catch up

Hi everyone!

On the lockdown series this week, a National Day of Reflection will take place on Tuesday the 23rd of March to mark the anniversary of the first UK Lockdown. This will include a minute’s silence at 12:00pm in remembrance of the 125,000 people who have died during the coronavirus pandemic as well as those who have been bereaved and to provide hope for a brighter future. It is almost unbelievable that it has been an entire year! For details on how to show your support and take part please visit the Marie Curie website linked here: Show your support (mariecurie.org.uk)

In light of this, people around the world are reporting an increase in anxiety and depression, and an openness to discuss these feelings is growing. One of the more interesting efforts is a new campaign from the university to raise mental health awareness. Animations on different factors that negatively affect mental and emotional wellbeing are being shared each week. This week’s animation, found here: What’s Up With Everyone? – Social Media; focuses on social media and its effects on mental health. Tips on keeping healthy digital habits are also highlighted.

This week, I thought I’d share some of the things that have kept me going during this period as I worked from home during my placement. As the seasons transition, it has helped me to refresh my workspace so that it remains healthy, productive and joyful. In the past few months I have utilized some basic tools to help me navigate the shift and feel a little less overwhelmed in the process; I thought I would share with you the tools that have stuck with me.

  • Taking Frequent Breaks

This tip became even more apparent since my last trip to the optician. My glasses’ prescription had increased slightly and the biggest suspect of this was my increased screen time. Since then, I have made it a habit to step away from my workstation every half hour to stretch, walk and hydrate. Especially for anyone who experiences restlessness, I have also found that trying a different workstation or perhaps even trying to stand for at least a quarter of the work-day could go a long way in keeping the entire body and mind engaged.

On my longer breaks, I have found it very rewarding to practice some yoga and meditation, especially on my more jam-packed days. The breathing techniques have aided in my mental calmness so much more than I had expected those few minutes on my living room floor to ever have.

  • Organising your workspace

It goes without saying that wherever you are working from, you can always benefit from practicing ergonomic guidelines and healthy habits for a more productive workspace. Keeping your space tidy and clear of obstructions is also an obvious recourse. What worked for me was finding a place with natural light and ventilation.

Sunlight has been in plenty the last few days especially as we set into spring. Here are some pictures I took on a walk through a nature reserve about an hour’s way from where I live:

Hoping and praying that everyone remains safe during this time.

That’s all for now folks,