A late-summer BBQ

Hi everyone!

The summer of 2021 is quickly coming to pass and suddenly it is dawning on me how quickly time flies when you are having fun. The beginning of semester one in my final year of university is quickly approaching and there are so many amazing things I am vigorously anticipating. For starters, this will be my final year as an undergraduate and after being away from my academics for so long during my year on placement, I am so excited to be diving back in for one last hurrah!

Additionally, the University of Surrey has also announced that they are creating a new student-owned study space! The name of this study space has not been announced yet, but the university has made a promise that it will be a place for study and hangs out that stimulates creative and innovative ideas. It will feature different types of furniture and bookable rooms for group study and project activities, and will be located inside Senate House, very close to MySurrey Hive and Nest! This announcement is another reason I am so inspired by the work that the university puts in to ensure every student gets the support that they need. The university continuously proves that they listened to the issues we present as students, and rush right in to provide great solutions.

This past week, my friends and I came together to plan a lovely late summer BBQ to reflect on the past year, plan for the year to come and most of all, to enjoy amazing food made over the grill! Aside from being able to study a subject you enjoy, and building self-confidence, independence and responsibility, university is also a great place to find and make amazing friendships with lasting connections. You get to meet students from different backgrounds and cultures who can teach and inspire you in many different ways. I am glad I found this in my friendship group at Surrey and I am happy we were able to enjoy a lovely barbeque together. Here is a picture of the food we had on the grill:

Hoping and praying that everyone remains safe during this time.

That is all for now folks,