Returning to University after placement

Hi everyone!

It is no surprise that as our final year of studies begins, many students coming back from their years in industry face some challenges in transitioning back into academic life. This year, I was no exception as a lot about the university had/has changed since my 2nd year of studies, especially as a result of the pandemic and consequent lockdown.

In the second week of the new semester, the placement team at the University of Surrey held a Placement Returners “Welcome Home” event at the Hive. Here, they showcased the new introductions to our academic life at Surrey with a special focus on the Library services, the Peer Support scheme, the centre for wellbeing and the International Team. All of which have services in place to help us settle back into university life and get our final year off to a great start!

Nevertheless, I did enjoy my placement, and aside from the key skills I picked up over my year in industry, I am eager to introduce some of that work-life structure into my university life in order to keep me motivated to finish my course. Another key lesson I picked up during working life is the importance of taking care of your mind and your body. I am ever so motivated to work out, eat nourishing food, and do activities that are meaningful to me in order to harness the energy I need to complete my final year of undergraduate studies.

As much as a lot about student life at the University of Surrey has changed since before I left for my placement, some things don’t change; the Surrey campus is just as beautiful as I remember!

Hoping and praying that everyone remains safe during this time.

That is all for now folks,