The second semester is starting! How was the first?

Welcome to the peaceful and green accommodation of Hazel Farm, where my journey at the University of Surrey kicked off in style! Picture this: a week before the academic hustle and bustle began, the university and the student union provided a seamless housing and settling-in experience. the Student Union bus awaited us at the Senate House reception, ready to whisk us away to our new home after having small, nice talks and taking our keys. Flash forward to the morning after my arrival, armed with coffee and an insatiable curiosity, I was on a mission to explore my new neighborhood.

Hazel Farm Accommodation
Business School

But before we delve into more stories, allow me to introduce myself – Moustafa, an International Business Management MSc student at Surrey and proud International Student Ambassador. I might be an Egyptian Pharmacist with almost three years of experience in pharmaceutical corporations, but Surrey made me a promise of a robust master’s program to supercharge and advance my career. How did I end up here? Well, that’s a tale for another time!

Fast forward another week, the anticipation was palpable as the induction week started with a crash course on all things program-related, study support, well-being, campus life, and the tremendous opportunities waiting for us. The university staff and module leaders were our guides, weaving a narrative of academic excitement. Staying ahead of the game and setting the stage for the semesters to come was crucial to facilitate our journeys and our campus daily life.

Weeks later, I found myself revealing the university experience worlds that is hugely different from my undergraduate days. Surrey’s support exceeded my expectations. I dove into Academic support classes to fine-tune my academic writing with the help of Professor James Green, whose support is really appreciated. Surprisingly, these classes are offered for free, among other tales of support services yet to be shared! Trust me, Surrey is a treasure trove of stories waiting to be unrevealed and experienced. One I can share now is the Surrey Learn website, a goldmine for lecture recordings, module books, extra readings, and everything else under our academic modules. You have my word; you won’t miss anything. The university got you covered.

Yet, the real magic happened in the library, my home away from home, especially in the blue study space on the second floor. With five floors of various study spaces to choose from – group, silent, open, or individual along with my coffee haven “SimplyFresh” downstairs, where you can also grab your favourite snack or meal deal! Just a leisurely stroll from the library You find yourself at our wonderful lake waiting to steal your breath away. Words might not do justice, so let’s allow the pictures to tell the tale.

University of Surrey Lake

So, buckle up for a journey filled with Surrey stories, academic exploits, and a dash of fun in every nook and cranny. Our Campus isn’t just a place; it’s an amazing experience waiting for you!