Fun Things to do in Guildford

Hi Friends,

As we all know, the University of Surrey is located in the cosy town of Guildford. In my few months here I have explored the town and these are my favourite places to visit that are student-friendly and are fun for groups of friends.

Firstly we’re going to start with the touristy spots. My favourite spot is Guildford Castle, it is a stunning castle overlooking a well-kept garden in the centre of Guildford. You can walk around the gardens taking in all the beauty nature has to offer. Once you’re done you can climb up to the castle and take in views of Guildford whilst enjoying a piece of history. 

Another tourist spot is the Cathedral located on a hill at the University of Surrey Stag Hill Campus. Built in 1932 the church was consecrated on 17th May 1961 by Bishop George Reindorp in the presence of HM The Queen. The building itself has a rich history and is beautifully built. It is worth visiting at least once, and notably, it is where the University hosts its graduation ceremonies.

Moving on to activities Guildford has a lot to cater to students’ needs for entertainment. There is something for everyone here. Starting with the shopaholics there are several malls to shop at, including Friary Mall, White Lion Walk, and Tunsgate Quarter all these being in the town centre and a walking distance from the High Street. 

For entertainment and thrill seekers there is the Guildford Spectrum, which is a leisure facility where you can enjoy ice skating, bowling, and swimming. They also offer student discounts on Thursdays and you can go have a fun night with friends. Another place is the cinema, Odeon, it is located in the town centre and one can go enjoy the latest movies. 

For sports lovers, there are many places in Guildford and surrounding towns where you can go for a hike and take in the breathless views that Surrey has to offer. Another activity is rock climbing at the Surrey Sports Park, if you enjoy challenging yourself I recommend this. However, if you enjoy spectating, many games usually take place at the Surrey Sports Park from different sports teams and you can get tickets to go watch a game. Also, for the brutes, there are wrestling matches at the G-Live every few months that you can watch.

Lastly, everyone needs a night out to dance with their friends occasionally. There are many bars and clubs around Guildford. The University has a student club called Rubix on campus and it runs every weekend and has amazing deals catered to students. Just behind the Friary Mall on Bridge Street, you find a few clubs in the street that you can check out. In Bridge Street as well you find Wetherspoons which is a beloved pub across England, better known as ‘Spoons’. My friends and I usually hang out at Spoons before going clubbing, it’s the perfect place for a relaxed evening too if you don’t fancy dancing.

These are my top activities to do in Guildford that I have tried myself and have had a lot of fun doing them with my friends.

I hope this gives you a good idea of all the fun things to do in Guildford.

Have Fun Exploring.