Tips for Exam Season

I’ve encountered many exam seasons as a final year student, I just got out of my last one actually. I know it can be difficult and even daunting at times, when you’re in the middle of exams it can feel like going through them till the end is near impossible, but there are things other than studying and revising that you can do to make yourself stronger during such times, here are some tips that will hopefully help you during this exam season.

Figure out your system:

If you’ve been doing this for a while you probably already have a kind of system for your studying. People perform best at different paces and in different circumstances. Figure out if you concentrate better when in your room or on campus, in the mornings or the evenings, with music or without. Try to be mindful and take note of when you perform your best, and try to recreate that environment every time you sit down to revise. It could even be that you need different environments for different types of studying. Keeping an eye on your own studying practices can help you figure out a realistic study schedule and a productive routine. If you find that you work best between the hours of the morning and lunch, this can help you plan out your study sessions, how early you need to start studying for an exam, and how to plan your meals around it as well. 

Stay hydrated and eat well:

I know everyone says this, but keeping hydrated and eating well during assessments can really improve your ability to get through them with less trouble. Of course, taking care of your physical health is important all year-round, but it’s especially essential during exam season. Because you have to exert so much mental effort, all that concentration and ability to retain information needs nutrition to work optimally. Plus, eating well and staying hydrated will reduce your feelings of fatigue and your chances of getting headaches with all the reading, writing, and studying! Try to at least have a good breakfast in the morning, it can really set your energy levels for the rest of the day. Remember to always sit down with a bottle of water and a snack to help you get through your study sessions.

Try a study space:

You could already be doing this, but try different study spaces to see what gets you going. Sometimes being around others who are also studying can really help you focus on what you’re doing. Try to have study sessions with friends, or head to the library or the Hive for the right studying vibe. It may be that you work better on the silent levels of the library or the busier ones, either way, studying on campus and around others who are also working towards their assignments and exams can help remind you that you’re not going through a tough time alone. Sometimes a little feeling of community is all we need to keep us going!

Take breaks and sleep well:

Again this may sound self-explanatory, but breaks and sleep are massively important for great performance on assessments. They allow your mind to let information sink in and they keep you alert during study sessions and exams. Breaks can help add structure to your day, I’d schedule them into my study sessions, or just take them whenever I feel I’ve hit a wall with my focus. Take a short walk around campus, have lunch, or talk to a friend, these things can really make a difference. I know breaks can sometimes feel like they’re not relaxing, or that they’re a waste of time, but if you structure your studying with good focus and then a short break, this can really help the knowledge sink into your mind better, and it’ll help you feel less pressure on your breaks.

That’s all I have for you. I know most of these tips are self-explanatory and you’ve probably heard them many times before, but that’s because they work! I hope I was able to remind you of good study tips. Remember that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, it’s only a few weeks of exams then we can enjoy summer break! Best of luck on your assessments!