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Winter break and the reality of a scholar

  I heard  the bells of winter break coming two weeks ago…..and i knew i would once again hear the curtains close down on this precious break and now its time folks. Studying in a foreign country, in UK for that matter, with the immense pressure and responsibilities that come with them can be quite […]

The Beginning of the Beginnings…my journey to Surrey

captureIt was 3.30am in Mombasa…lovely moon was out there which seemed to say…. go well son, and come back soon. A decision had been made. My masters of science in Energy Economics and Policy program journey courtesy of the prestigious Chevening scholarship had just began. UK was the destination and University of Surrey was the place to be. The 15 minutes’ drive to the airport was silent but anxious. Nostalgia, the feeling I have nursed since I was a little boy gripped me when I finally said bye to my family…..I looked forward to seeing them again, which I still do to this moment. Aboard Kenya airways, several thoughts went through my head. Had I made the right decision? With the many stories of harsh weather, the complete opposite of my home town, Mombasa, would I really make it? What is the place like?  What was Guildford like and how are the people and the culture? My family, how would they cope without me? The anxiety consumed every bit of me….but a decision had been made, I had to do it. Hope of a better place, a better people, a better culture, a better university education and a great decision made slowly returned.

After 8 long and reflective hours, my flight landed at Heathrow airport. Hope and excitement overwhelmed me again. I walked through the immigration gates, picked up my heavy luggage. As I made my way out, my optimism was restored even more. Courtesy of the meet and greet arrangement by the university, I was ushered into the UK by the university ‘staff’ who I later came to realise they were student ambassadors who had given their time to ensure international students arrived and settled into their respective halls of residence with ease.  That was a calming moment for me; quite a special moment. Right at the airport were other international students going to the same Surrey. Meeting other students from other countries did it for me, I realised I was not alone. 30 minutes later, we were on our way to the university, the central and famous Austin Pearce building, where we were handed the keys to our respective rooms.

As the van snaked its way through the now quiet streets, thoughts of what had just transpired ran through my head, I had woken up in my hometown, Mombasa and now I was thousands of miles away, in a far off land where I was going to spend the night. The trail of thoughts were interrupted as the lead student ambassador, Anne welcomed us home…Hazel Farm. Just as I had expected, this was it…Hazel Farm itself is a fabulous story (to be shared ……)

As I rested on my bed that night, I made a resolve to be of help to anyone in my situation coming to the UK to study. The opportunity to be a student ambassador came just in time for me. One moment I look forward to, is being at the airport next welcoming fellow international students to this great country and this great university, assuring them of the beautiful moments ahead for them!

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Theory Meets Practice: Energy Economics students visit Apsely Bio-gas plant

My journey from Mombasa, Kenya to UK has been a fun filled one ( to be continued on a different note…….) but also really focused. Through out my academic and professional experiences, life has taught me to have a reason for making choices at all or certain times in life. For me, one of the choices i had to make while seeking an institution of higher learning in UK was one that respected the interface between the theory taught in lectures and the practical world each scholar seeks to be  apart of long after the scholar life is gone.  The university of Surrey is one choice am glad i made, because besides wonderful things happening here, Theory in all its forms meets practice.

University of Surrey Energy Economics and Technology students at Apsely Biogas Plant in Hampshire...where theory and practice met.

University of Surrey Energy Economics and Technology students at Apsely Biogas Plant in Hampshire…where theory and practice met.

On 23rd October 2016, the Energy Economics and technology class( of which i am proud to be) made a visit to Apsely farms, the second biggest bio-gas plant in UK. The plant, located in Hampshire is home to a state of the art investment in a facility that generates electricity and sells it to the national grid. The director, Mr. Henry, while explaining to us how the plant operates indicated that the bio-gas plant is fed with crops and in turn it produces manure and methane gas. The gas is blown into an engine which drives a generator. The electricity produced is fed into the national grid. The plant also produces natural gas, having cleaned the bio-gas, which is injected into the gas network while the manure known as digestate is stored in a vast lagoon and spread on the land in the spring, to fertilise the new crops.

Of great interest during the discussion was the subsidies that the UK government had put in place that supported such establishments. As developing energy experts, and with aspirations of adding value to my country’s renewable energy sector, the feed in tariff policy and the renewable energy obligations was an area of interest to us. The director made it clear that his business would not exist were it not for the energy subsidies in place; and that all renewable energy initiatives are made to be successful with the help of such subsidies.

While responding on the challenges facing the sector, he decried an inadequate policy making process, that critically left out some key players in the whole renewable energy loop; and as a word of advise to us, he advised us to critically evaluate all the aspects of any policy to be adopted before its rolled out….back to class and something to think about home; are the subsidies in energy sector back home operational?…that was was a day to write home about……a great thinking and practical day


Hello world!

Welcome to University of Surrey Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! Hello everyone, My name is Fredrick Amariati, all the way from Kenya. I am a postgraduate student at the University of Surrey undertaking Msc Energy Economics and Policy. Welcome to my blog; and lets see this year […]

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