Introducing Henry Mein’s books and scrapbooks

In the archives we have collections of different sizes. Some run for shelf after shelf and contain books, papers, journals, photographs, costumes… you name it!  Others are smaller, perhaps comprising some photographs, books and a small number of documents.  Likewise, some of our archives represent an organisation’s or a person’s work whilst others are material which someone has taken the time to collect because it has meaning to them.  The one thing all these archives and collections have in common is that they all have enduring interest for researchers.

Now is time to shine the spotlight on one of our smaller collections, the Henry Mein Collection, the catalogue for which can be viewed on our online database. Comprising 40 items, it is a ballet enthusiast’s set of books and scrapbooks containing cuttings, articles and images taken from the press.  Particularly exciting are the scrapbooks which were predominantly compiled during World War II and therefore give an insight into dance at that time.  So if you are interested in dance, the theatre or entertainment during World War II do contact us and make an appointment to look at this fascinating collection.

Scrapbook and books from the Henry Mein Collection

For those of you interested more in people and performances and less in time periods, we have catalogued the contents of these scrapbooks in detail in order to capture the key names and dance works: a free text search within our catalogue will find these for you!