Benefits of taking part in extra-curricular activity during your first year

If you have previously applied for a job, you perhaps must have heard the phrase “extracurricular activities” which is an essential section to include on your CV. But, what are the benefits of taking part in an extra-curricular activity, especially during your first year at University?

Extracurricular activities can be fun and a rewarding way to help make the most of your time at University. They can also help you to make the most of your future by helping you to explore what you like to do.

I took part in Young Enterprise start-up programme in my first year at the University. This programme gives university students the opportunity to develop employability skills and prepare for the world of work by practical projects. It gives students a taste of what entrepreneurial work is like through the programme and I found my interests have widened by participating in the programme.

If you want to find out more about the opportunity with Young Enterprise in Surrey then you can check out the link below:

Young Enterprise Surrey

The benefits of extra-curricular activity

Social opportunities: Meeting people is always one of the best ways to expand your social circles, not only to learn from these people but to bond with them. Each extracurricular you engage with provides an opportunity to spend time with others with similar interests. You can meet and make friends from different social groups by joining a sports team or other University societies.

Employability skills: One of the greatest benefits of taking part in extracurricular activities is that it offers you an essential “real world” skills, which will also help you to become more employable. These skills include (but are not limited to):

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving
  • Time management
  • Leadership

The more you push yourself in your activities, the more you will develop these skills. If you have a passion for trading, you might join a trading society at the university, where you will develop analytical skills, researching, problem-solving and teamwork.

You could even take this passion further by making your own trading club, where you will develop goal setting, time management and leadership skills.

Enhancing CV: If you don’t have much previous work experience to put on your CV, one of the only ways to enhance your CV is through your extracurricular activities. For example, if you were in a drama society, the employer would know that you can work in a team and are comfortable to speak in public, which are important skills to have at the workplace.

Exploring interests and career route: Participating in an activity outside of your studies will give you an opportunity to explore and pursue a range of interests you never knew you had. Taking part in extra-curricular activities in the university can help you to widen your mind and shape your potential career mindset in the future. Some societies and programmes have competitions that allow you to specialise in a particular field to get a better idea of how much it interests you.


Although you probably may have other responsibilities outside of University, make sure you consider the benefits of extracurricular activities and how to balance your academics and activities to help you in the future. The experiences you will gain from participating in meaningful activities will help you with everything during and after University, including getting a part-time job and placement year to a graduate job.  

So, go take time to find and join a society, take part in a programme or volunteer. What are you waiting for?

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