Data Mining and Text Analytics – SAS Endorsed!

We truly live in a data-driven era. Thanks to the rapid evolution of technology, data is created and accumulated at a staggering rate. This vast volume of data—often referred to as big data—presents both opportunities and challenges. Two key tools that we can employ to harness this phenomenon are data mining and text analytics. These methodologies are part and parcel of our quest to gain actionable insights from data, inform decision-making, and guide strategy.

Data Mining: Extracting Value from Raw Data

Data mining is a broad concept encompassing several methods and tools aimed at discovering patterns and relationships within large data sets. Essentially, data mining is the process of ‘mining’ valuable information or insights from raw, unstructured data. Techniques used in data mining include clustering, classification, regression, and association rules, each with its unique capabilities and applications.

For instance, a supermarket chain may use association rules to identify which products are often purchased together, informing decisions about product placement and promotions. Meanwhile, a financial institution may use classification to predict whether a customer will default on a loan.

Text Analytics: Understanding the Unstructured

While data mining is a powerful tool, traditional techniques often struggle to handle unstructured data—a form of data that doesn’t fit into traditional row and column databases, such as text, images, and social media posts. This is where text analytics comes in. It is estimated that over 80% of all data is unstructured, and much of it is in the form of text, making text analytics a vital tool in the modern data landscape.

Text analytics involves processing and interpreting unstructured text data to extract meaningful insights. This can range from sentiment analysis (determining the sentiment conveyed in a piece of text) to topic modelling (identifying the main themes in a text document) and named entity recognition (identifying named entities like people, places, and organizations within a text).

For example, companies often use text analytics to analyze customer feedback or reviews, monitoring public sentiment about their brand or products. This allows them to respond promptly to emerging issues or trends, improving their service and boosting customer satisfaction.

Combining Data Mining and Text Analytics

Both data mining and text analytics are crucial components of any modern data strategy, but they are not mutually exclusive. Instead, these techniques often complement each other, working together to offer a more holistic view of the data.

For example, a company might use text analytics to extract key themes from customer feedback, then use data mining to identify correlations between these themes and customer behavior. This could reveal, for instance, that negative comments about delivery times are strongly associated with customers canceling orders, leading the company to focus on improving this aspect of their service.


In the era of big data, data mining and text analytics are more important than ever. These tools allow us to tap into the wealth of information contained in both structured and unstructured data, guiding decision-making and strategy. The value that can be gained from effective data mining and text analytics is immense, from optimizing operations and enhancing customer satisfaction to predicting trends and uncovering hidden opportunities.

While challenges persist—such as privacy concerns, data quality issues, and the need for skilled personnel—the potential rewards are significant. As we continue to generate and accumulate data at an unprecedented rate, the importance of these techniques will only grow. Organizations that can effectively leverage data mining and text analytics will be well-placed to thrive in the data-driven world of today and tomorrow.

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