Careers Fair: 3 Questions with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Expedia & Vodafone Group!



At this year’s University of Surrey Autumn Careers and Placements Fair, our roving reporter, Surrey student Giacomo Spagnoli asked 3 questions to graduate recruiters from Expedia, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Vodafone Group. Questions included ‘What’s the best bit about your job?’, ‘What advice do you have for Surrey students and graduates for applying for graduate positions?’ and ‘What’s your advice for being more confident when approaching recruiters at Careers Fairs?’

Find out what the graduate recruiters had to say…

  1. Have a plan! – Enterprise Rent-A-Car

With only a few minutes to make a great impression, approaching recruiters at Careers Fairs can be intimidating. Talent Acquisition Manager at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Regina Van Burkle gives some great advice about how University of Surrey students and graduates can appear more confident in front of graduate recruiters.

In this video, Regina explains that it all comes down to having a plan…

Regina Van Burkle, who has been leading graduate recruitment with Enterprise Rent-A-Car for over 20 years, shares her advice for being more confident when approaching recruiters at careers fairs.

She recommends having a look through the list of recruiters that are the Careers Fair in order to work out which recruiters you would like to talk to, so that you can do your research in advance.

Regina also recommends having a couple of questions for each employer, in order to break the ice. She adds that great questions for graduate recruiters include ‘What kind of opportunities do you offer graduates?’, ‘What kind of career progression can I expect?’ and ‘What does the recruitment process involve?’

2. Identify which companies to spend your time talking to – Expedia

Next Giacomo interviewed University of Surrey alumni Yatin Vadhia, who is now a Product Manager for some of Expedia’s leading technology products, such as the iPhone app.

In this video, Yatin shares how students and graduates can make a good impression at careers fairs, and why he believes there’s no such thing as a bad question…

According to Yatin, the best thing about working for Expedia is the diversity of people he works with across the globe.

When quizzed by Giacomo about how students and graduates can make a good impression at a careers fair, Yatin responded “be approachable and having information about the company definitely helps. It can help you to identify which companies to spend your time talking to.

When asked ‘What’s the worst question a student can ask a graduate recruiter?’, Yatin’s response is that you can ask almost anything. However, he advises to avoid asking less polite questions to graduate recruiters, such as ‘How much are you paid?’

3. Success comes from really doing your research – Vodafone Group

University of Surrey student Alice Aspdin has recently joined the HR graduate scheme with Vodafone Group as part of the team coordinating graduate and internship recruitment.

In this video, Alice shares with Giacomo the best thing about her job, as well as her top tips for Surrey students and graduates for networking to get the job you want…

Alice believes the best thing about her new graduate job with Vodafone Group is the real responsibility she’s been given from day one. She explains how being thrown in at the deep end on day one has really given her a lot of exposure to different areas of the Vodafone Group business, and how she is able to get involved with many different projects, such as Learning and Development and Rewards.

When asked for her advice for applying for graduate positions, Alice firmly believes that success comes from really doing your research. As Vodafone Group is such a large organisation, she states that candidates need to be clear about the role they are applying to, so make sure you do your research before applying. Alice also recommends how it’s important to treat any online interview as importantly as you would a face-to-face interview!

Finally, her advice for networking to get the job you want is look for events in the areas that you are interested in, in order to meet the right people. Plus, she said it’s critical to check your online presence is professional and bang up to date, particularly your Linked In profile, as it’s a tool that many recruiters use.

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