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The Professional coaching scheme – Tom tells us what he gained from taking part

The Professional training coaching scheme is an incredibly rewarding experience for both coachees and coaches alike. It enables you to see first-hand the difference you can make to your coachees as they develop in confidence and ability throughout the year. Simultaneously it enables you to develop and learn new skills that enhance your employability – […]

Careers in publishing – Top tips on how to get into this competitive industry

For anyone studying for a degree, where reading something every day is the norm, it may come as a surprise to know that 36% of adults in England do not read regularly. World Book Night, which took place on 23rd April, takes steps to address this problem through distributing books freely throughout the UK. Publishing […]

My Achievements on the Employability Award, Boran

Most students’ concern after their graduation is to pursue a fulfilling career, where they enjoy the challenges and the rewards that come with the work. I wanted to be a step ahead in the game and that’s why I joined the Employability Award.  Consisting of 4 different modules, the Award allows me to show my […]

My Journey along the Employability Award, Ignacio

As a first year student university was a completely new world for me. Full of opportunities and experiences I couldn’t resist. Among all the incredibly valuable curricular education Surrey would offer me, an extra pilot award launching this academic year caught my attention at one of the initial talks during the presentation week for first […]

How important is company culture to you?

It is widely known that applicants are now seeking more from their employers than in the past. Living in the digital age comes with many advantages and companies have become more inclined to accommodate the different types of work-related benefits that candidates want. For example, there has been an increase in flexible working as organisations […]

Making the most of the Easter vacation

All of a sudden, the Easter vacation is within touching distance.  Time to breathe a sigh of relief perhaps.  A chance to relax and take it easy after a challenging semester.  If only those dreaded end of year exams weren’t looming!  Somewhat annoyingly you find yourself torn between taking a well- earned rest and committing […]

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