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Benefits of taking part in extra-curricular activity during your first year

If you have previously applied for a job, you perhaps must have heard the phrase “extracurricular activities” which is an essential section to include on your CV. But, what are the benefits of taking part in an extra-curricular activity, especially during your first year at University? Extracurricular activities can be fun and a rewarding way […]

My Professional Training Year at General Electric Healthcare – Eva, Electronic Engineering, graduated 2019

Discovering my passion on my placement year Like many students, during the first couple of years of my degree I was not sure what kind of job I wanted to apply to once I graduated. I was passionate about engineering in the healthcare sector, as it was a way for me to make a positive […]

University Life and Employability & Careers

Hey guys and welcome to University of Surrey, or welcome back if you’re already a student here. I’m Eleni, one of your student careers ambassadors. I’ve just come back from my placement year and I’m now heading into my final year of biomedical science. A new academic year is about to begin, our timetables are […]

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