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Should I start my career now? Three tips for university graduates who want to wait

Many students leave university with no clear idea of what they want to do. Take advantage of this time when you may not have many responsibilities to gain some experience. Get some paid work Getting office, shop or hospitality work will help you: Build up your soft skills such as communication, teamwork and customer service Show […]

Graduating this year and wondering what next? Our tips to help

  It can be tough to leave behind the familiarity of university. This may be manageable if you have a job lined up, but if you haven’t, you aren’t alone. The ‘what now?’ feeling can set in. So if you’re not sure what to do next, check out our tips below Our careers advisers are […]

Advice for the graduate world – Alex, Business Management, graduated 2017

When I came to the University of Surrey I came straight from college with no gap year, no foundation year and as a result I was institutionalised. I had been in education from pre-school all the way until I finished university. Like most students going to university I was driven, highly motivated and completely naive […]

The Professional coaching scheme – Tom tells us what he gained from taking part

The Professional training coaching scheme is an incredibly rewarding experience for both coachees and coaches alike. It enables you to see first-hand the difference you can make to your coachees as they develop in confidence and ability throughout the year. Simultaneously it enables you to develop and learn new skills that enhance your employability – […]

Careers in publishing – Top tips on how to get into this competitive industry

For anyone studying for a degree, where reading something every day is the norm, it may come as a surprise to know that 36% of adults in England do not read regularly. World Book Night, which took place on 23rd April, takes steps to address this problem through distributing books freely throughout the UK. Publishing […]

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