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Returning back to Uni from placement – My top tips -Toni, Biomedical Science, graduated 2019

After placement year, I was happy to be back in student accommodation, swarmed by hundreds of students. Don’t get me wrong, placement was such a good, worthwhile, growth experience but University was like coming back home! I missed my friends, even though most had graduated whilst I was away.

My graduate journey to KPMG, Megan – graduated 2018, Business Management

I have been studying my postgraduate degree at the University of Sussex since graduating. I’ve also been working part-time at a small human resources (HR) consultancy in Surrey. Getting Industry Experience I recognised that while employers are looking for candidates with a good degree, industry experience would give me an advantage when applying for graduate […]

Returning to university from placement – our four transition tips

When your placement comes to an end the thought of returning to University for final year can often bring up mixed feelings. Often when your placement year has been a positive experience, where your contribution was really valued it can be a comedown to be thrown back into uni. You find that you are ‘just […]

Going into second year and want to start preparing for placement applications over summer?

As your summer progresses the last thing you want to think about is the pressures of coming back in October. However, a little preparation now will save you time and worry later on. How can I start preparing for placement over the summer? Our step-by-step online placement module is on Surrey Pathfinder. It takes you […]

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