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My Achievements on the Employability Award – Boran, Sociology

Most students’ concern after their graduation is to pursue a fulfilling career, where they enjoy the challenges and the rewards that come with the work. I wanted to be a step ahead in the game and that’s why I joined the Employability Award.  Consisting of 4 different modules, the Award allows me to show my […]

My Journey along the Employability Award, Ignacio

As a first year student university was a completely new world for me. Full of opportunities and experiences I couldn’t resist. Among all the incredibly valuable curricular education Surrey would offer me, an extra pilot award launching this academic year caught my attention at one of the initial talks during the presentation week for first […]

How important is company culture to you?

It is widely known that applicants are now seeking more from their employers than in the past. Living in the digital age comes with many advantages and companies have become more inclined to accommodate the different types of work-related benefits that candidates want. For example, there has been an increase in flexible working as organisations […]

Making the most of the Easter vacation

All of a sudden, the Easter vacation is within touching distance.  Time to breathe a sigh of relief perhaps.  A chance to relax and take it easy after a challenging semester.  If only those dreaded end of year exams weren’t looming!  Somewhat annoyingly you find yourself torn between taking a well- earned rest and committing […]

International Youth Leadership Finance 2019 – Shanghai’s Advanced Institute of Finance

Georgios (George) and I (Darina)  are penultimate-year Computer Science students who were selected to attend 2019 International Youth Leadership Finance Summit (2019 IYLFS) organized by Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF) Master of Finance in Shanghai, China on January 22nd. The Competition The competition gathered high achieving students from leading Universities around the world who […]

Why generic cover letters don’t work

  A CV highlights your academic history, work experience and skills showing employers whether you are a suitable candidate to fill the advertised vacancy. Cover letters show character and the person behind the CV. Many people assume that first impressions are only made during interviews, but this is not the case. An organisation can form […]

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