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My Supply Chain Placement at GSK

Hi everyone! I’m Mustafa, a final year Business Management student. I completed my placement at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in a supply chain role. My specific role was as a ‘Global External Manufacturing – Small Molecules API Operations IP’ – quite the mouthful I know! I was basically part of a team responsible for the end-to-end management […]

What is sustainability and why is it important for your career?

Sustainability is one of the graduate attributes you are developing at Surrey. In this blog we look at what sustainability means and how you can further develop your understanding of it at Surrey.

The United Nations has defined Sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.   Sustainability is often broken down into three pillars: economic, environmental, and social—also known as profits, planet, and people.

As individuals and future professional it is important to understand sustainability and build capacity to build sustainable future.  Sustainability aims to ensure social equity and socio-environmental sustainability, for our current and future generations.  New ways of thinking are required at a global, national, and local community level.

What is digital capability and why is it important for your career?

We use this term to describe the skills and attitudes you need to live, learn, and work in a digital society.   It’s an important attribute to develop as technology has entered every aspect of our life and the workplace.

The level of digital capability you need will vary depending on your subject specialism, career choices and the specific role(s) you want to apply for.

Attributes to develop at Surrey to enable you to graduate career ready

Studying at Surrey enables you to develop attributes that will make you employable. Many of you are already developing these attributes in different ways through your degree programmes and variety of work experiences and extra-curricular activities.   In this series of blogs we aim to explain what the graduate attributes are and why they are important. […]

What to do if your degree results aren’t as good as you hoped

If you are disappointed with your degree results, try to get things in perspective. If your results are lower than you’d hoped, don’t feel like you have cut off your career options. Remember there are thousands of companies that hire graduates every year and many companies care more about the person they are hiring rather than the mark on their certificate. Flexibility and resilience are key skills in today’s job market, so it’s time to start practising them. Have a look at the practical steps you can take to help you achieve your career goals.

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