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How You Can Prepare for Psychometric Tests

A psychometric test is an assessment used to measure specific cognitive ability or personality in a standardised and structured way. Typically, an aptitude test will consist of a series of questions under timed conditions, where the student must answer to the best of their ability. Many aptitude tests are also adaptive, meaning the test will react to the student’s answers, becoming more or less difficult with each subsequent question.

How to prepare yourself for an entry level finance job

With thousands of students graduating each year, employers are spoilt for choice when hiring for graduate roles. In this competitive climate, solely having a relevant degree may not be enough to guarantee that you’re considered a strong candidate on paper and invited to interview. That’s why this blog will discuss how you can prepare yourself for an entry level job within the financial space, whether you’re a student or a fresh graduate.

Is Placement Year worth an extra year at University?!

Hi, I’m Archana and I graduated in Law from Surrey in July 2021. I now work in Residential Property at Taylor Rose MW Solicitors and am also a part time student studying my Solicitors Qualifying Exam. I decided to undertake a legal placement after the completion of second year in University. Most of my law […]

Employer Spotlight – National Graduate Development Programme

Ellise, Programme Support Officer at the NGDP has written this blog about the well-respected graduate scheme at the National Graduate Development Programme within local government. The National Graduate Development Programme Every year, our team co-ordinates and organises the National Graduate Development Programme (NGDP). The NGDP is one of the best graduate schemes that you’ve probably never heard […]

5 activities to explore at University and gain Employability Skills

Congratulations for successfully starting at Surrey. As well as the academic side of the University, are you taking advantage of all the other opportunities university has to offer? There are a host of activities for you explore at Surrey that will not only help you gain transferable skills and enhance your CV, they may also […]

Preparing for Placement – your questions answered

If you are on a course with a placement year, you could be starting your placement year in seven-to-nine-months’ time! Quote from Chemical Engineering graduate, Joseph’s blog Placements closing in December Don’t worry if you haven’t started applying yet! There are currently almost 500 placements available on Surrey Pathfinder. The deadline for 300 of these […]

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