Top tips for applying for Undergraduate of the Year awards

The Undergraduate of the Year Awards team share their top tips for applying for the Undergraduate of the Year awards.

1. Preparation is key: Don’t wait until just before the deadline to apply and finish the tests, and this is especially the case when you’ve got written questions to answer. Try and give yourself plenty of time to carry out some research in order to write a well-thought out answer, and if you have time, ask your friends and family to check through your answers.

2. Practice the tests: During the process, you will be asked to complete psychometric tests in order to test your verbal, numerical and logical abilities. Before you take these tests, it’s really helpful to have some practice. There are plenty of websites which offer you the opportunity to practice similar style questions that will help you to get used to the format of the questions. One of the biggest challenges with the tests is the time limit, so make sure you’re aware of how long’s left!

  • To practice, the online tests click HERE! Please note that you do not need to take all the tests so check which ones apply to your award before practicing.

3. Be confident: By practicing the tests and preparing thoroughly for the written questions you will stand a good chance of getting through to the next stage. If you do get this far, just be confident in your abilities. Your application and test scores must have been outstanding to get this far, so act confidently and give it your best shot.

  • For expert advice on how to succeed at assessment centres click HERE! And for top tips on how to be successful in interviews click HERE!

4. Learn: The whole process will give you the chance to develop your skills and simply entering the competition can be a great addition to your CV. Take on board any feedback that you receive and take full advantage of this opportunity.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help or advice:  The Undergraduate of the Year Awards team are here to support you through the process from start to finish so just pop us over an email on or call 01491 828 915

 Best of luck! Application deadline is 29 January 2018