How I fitted part time work around my PhD

Finding a wide range of employment opportunities while studying

Fairly new in my department, I was asked to perform as a last minute substitute examiner for a class test on a subject within my area of expertise. That’s how I got started with Unitemps, it’s been a joyous ride so far and I recommend everyone, to hop in. The registration process was very simple. It involved only one visit to the Unitemps office to have my documents checked out, while the rest of it was performed from the comfort of my desk.

Finding study-related work

Being a Civil and Environmental Engineering PhD student, I was able to help in tutorials on different modules on fluids and mathematics and lab demonstrations on applied chemistry and microbiology. This allowed me to learn good teaching skills, by helping students with their assignments and their understanding and application of taught courses. Every semester, the new tutoring assignment is added to my account, my only duty being to fill in weekly timesheets after I finish the job, without any hassle.

Invigilating class tests or exams throughout the term times and examination periods, is a frequent employment opportunity for postgraduate students at Surrey University. While tutoring is set to specific days of the week according to the curriculum, invigilating exams is more flexible and it gives me the opportunity to work flexibly around my schedule, depending on shifts availability. Acting as a reader, scribe or a prompter in examinations, was very rewarding, allowing me to play a part in helping students who require additional learning support, to sit the exams in comfortable and secure environments.

Getting job notifications

Signing up to be notified about new jobs, lets you know first-hand about full time, part time, temporary or permanent employment opportunities as well as volunteering opportunities which can significantly benefit your experience build-up and boost your CV. The jobs are really varied, good pay and some of them are really flexible so you can work around your education. There are opportunities for jobs within the University, as well as outside, ranging from the ones that do not require qualification and experience, to internships or full time specialised jobs.

You can apply to new jobs inside the University, with the CV already stored on the account. There’s also space for a cover letter, not mandatory but you might want to make it such, if you want to boost your chances, by stating your genuine interest in the job, your skills and experience and to have your CV opened. Holiday pay is built up with each approved timesheet and can be claimed anytime with only one click and added to the payslip. Overall, the website is very well structured and user friendly.

Time saving job applications

In the remaining semesters of my doctoral programme, I might be assigned different tutorials to help with, depending on the job availabilities within my Department, or I might apply for other assignments, but this is nothing to worry about, Unitemps takes the heavier load off my back. Saving time is essential in the fast paced life of a postgraduate student, and this is what Unitemps does.