Discover where your degree could take you at our Autumn Careers and Placements Fair

It’s never too early to start thinking about your next step but it can also be daunting to start thinking about your future and understanding where your degree can take you.   But… don’t worry, we are here to help, you don’t have to make the transition alone.  

A degree opens a whole host of amazing opportunities for you

You can apply for graduate roles that don’t have anything to do with your degree. Many roles just require you to be a graduate… which you will be! So that’s good news!

Whether you haven’t even started thinking about your next step, are looking for a placement or know exactly where you want your degree to take you, the Careers and Placements Autumn Fair is perfect for you.

What is the Careers and Placements Fair?

The Careers and Placements Fair will be taking place on 18th October between 11am – 3pm in the PATS Field Marquee.

Who should attend the fair?

This fair is for all students from every year and every course.  With over 130 companies attending there will be many opportunities to discover.

Why attending the fair will benefit you

You will get the chance to meet with over 130 employers who have jobs and placements available for you.

You don’t need to be nervous attending the fair because you know that the employers attending want to meet students, like you, who are ready to start thinking about your next step.  

There will be employers from many different industries, so if you don’t know doors your degree can open for you, or what industry might interest you, you can use the fair as an informal fact-finding opportunity. 

You can find out about

  • the jobs, placements and companies that appeal to you,
  • what their recruitment process looks like
  • and what they can offer you in terms of salary, career progression and work/life balance.

Book your place at the Fair here

How should I prepare for the Fair?

You will get more out of the fair and feel more confident attending if you can manage a little preparation before. To make this easier we have arranged a workshop for you on Thursday 12th October.

This will be on campus and delivered by Emma Pearcy from Hays Recruitment.  Emma works with large employers every day so she will be here to suggest:

  • impressive ice breaker questions to ask the employers attending the fair,
  • ways to research employers before the fair
  • how to follow up after the event to give yourself the best chance at securing a job.

Get prepared for the Fair by booking your place at our Top Tips session here.

How else to prepare for the fair?

If you can’t attend this session we suggest:

  • Doing a little research into the employers coming to the fair to understand who you want to talk to and what you want to ask them. Click here to explore our fabulous interactive online Fair guide featuring the companies attending the fair. 
  • Bringing a notebook and pen so you can take down contact details of the employers you talk to ready to follow up with them, connect on LinkedIn after the event.
  • Thinking about what to wear.  You don’t have to wear a suit but consider that you might meet your future employer so make an effort to look and behave in a professional manner.
  • Having some set questions ready to ask each employer which helps you to look confident.  There are some suggestions in the brochure.  These can be something simple like:
    – What roles are they recruiting interns/graduates for?
    What positions at your company would be a good option for someone with your degree/educational background?
    – What does the recruitment process look like?

Research employers in our interactive fair guide

Support from our internal teams

Members of your careers, placement and employer engagement teams will be at the fair ready to answer any of your questions and give you the confidence to go and speak to the employers.  They will have a stand at the entrance so you can speak to them before meeting the employers.

Book your place at our Autumn Careers and Placements Fair here.