How to get involved while at Surrey: Extra-curricular activities available     

The University of Surrey offers a wide range of sports clubs and societies, as well as other extra-curricular activities to get involved in. Whether you’re passionate about sports, arts, volunteering, or professional development, there’s something for everyone to explore and engage with. 

This blog will tell you about some of the exciting opportunities awaiting you at Surrey, as well as some benefits and my personal involvement in some extra-curricular activities.

Sports and Fitness Clubs

The University of Surrey boasts an impressive selection of sports clubs catering to all interests and skill levels. From traditional favourites like football and tennis to unique offerings such as ultimate frisbee and cheerleading, there’s no shortage of ways to stay active and connect with fellow students. Joining a sports club is a fantastic way to stay healthy, relieve stress, and build friendships.

Performing Arts and Cultural Societies

There are plenty of opportunities to showcase your talents and collaborate with like-minded individuals in areas such as acting, singing, dancing, or filmmaking. Join the Music and Drama society to tread the boards in captivating productions or unleash your creativity in a Film or PhotoSoc club. Additionally, there is a wide selection of cultural societies that celebrate diversity and offer a platform to explore different traditions, languages, and cuisines, fostering a sense of belonging and global awareness.


Join a volunteering society to participate in impactful projects, organize fundraising events, or simply to donate your time. Not only will you make a meaningful impact, but you’ll also develop valuable skills and gain a deeper understanding of social issues.

Part-time Jobs

The University of Surrey has an Employability and Careers Centre available to help support you find work. There are many job opportunities available in the local Guildford area and on campus or at the Surrey Sports Park. Many business employ students on a zero hours employment contract to help you work as many hours as you like, but not affect your studies.

My Personal Involvement

Throughout my time at Surrey, I have been an active member of the Surrey Angels Cheerleading, the Business Society and most recently, the West Indian Society. 


I joined Surrey Angels during my second year because I had an interest in cheer and dance. There are three separate teams (Eternity, Infinity and Games Squad) that you can choose from when thinking about joining. Eternity and Infinity are competition teams that represent the University and compete at cheer competitions across the UK. Games Squad, which is the team that I am on, is a more relaxed team that supports and cheers at the games that take place at the Surrey Sports Park other University of Surrey sports clubs. Although we usually only perform at games, sometimes we do get the opportunity to perform at other events. For example we had the opportunity to perform at Varsity in 2023 and the Eclipse Allstars showcase in 2024.

Business Society

Surrey Business Society is a diverse group of University of Surrey Students who aim to create a collaborative community of students who want to enhance their careers, make friends and understand the business better. I became a member during my first year, however during my postgraduate degree I decided to join the committee as the Wellbeing Officer.

2023/24 Committee at the Freshers Fair

During this role I was responsible for promoting the physical and mental well-being of society members, as well as providing support, resources, and organise wellness initiatives to ensure members’ health and overall satisfaction within the society.

To learn more about the society, visit

West Indian Society

The West Indian Society is a place where students of the West Indian diaspora can get together and celebrate our culture and heritage with others here at Surrey. It was formally established in 2024 and I am thrilled to be a part of the first committee.

Promoting the society and events at the Freshers Fair.

My role as Secretary involves dealing with the general organisation & administration of the society, such as passing information from emails to signatories, booking rooms for events and arranging meetings and taking minutes and responding to emails and direct messages. I also designed, managed and maintained the society website.

To learn more about the society, visit

In the coming months I will publish another blog interviewing some other Caribbean students around the University of Surrey to showcase and promote the diversity of the West Indies here at Surrey.

Benefits of Getting Involved

Taking part in extra-curricular activities is one of the best ways to make the most out of your time at uni. By journeying beyond your textbooks and lectures, you will have the opportunity to make friends and memories, step out of your comfort zone and unlock your full potential, improve your mental health and improve your skills. 

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See you in the next blog 🙂