Children's Nursing at Surrey

Documenting the experiences of the Children's Nursing students at Surrey

My feelings of a slightly different first year.

#hellomynameis Shannon, I’m a first-year student who unfortunately had their first year cut short due to the current pandemic. It feels so surreal that when I return to uni I’ll be a second year. Nevertheless, first year has been a whirlwind and I am here to talk about the feelings I had throughout this year. And boy, there were a lot of them! So, let’s just get started. To start with […]

You don’t need A-levels to nurse

#hellomynameisBenji and I’m a first year children’s nursing student at Surrey. I thought I would write to encourage prospective students who are thinking of applying to do nursing at Surrey, and to give my rather unconventional testimony of my journey through the process, and some stuff about what its like for me now that I’ve […]

Practice Module 1

The massive burning question I had in the back of mind before starting uni was: “What will happen if I get everything wrong and don’t remember my basic skills?”. All I can say is that I had nothing to worry about at all. Practice module one incorporates both hands on skills as well as classroom learning, meaning […]

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