Nursing Studies at Surrey

Documenting the experiences of nursing students at Surrey

Training through a pandemic

The recent pandemic has caused a lot of upset, anxiety and confusion. In a course which is already quite demanding, myself and Shay are here to reflect on our experiences of training through a pandemic and how we are finding way’s to cope throughout… #HelloMyNameIsChlöe and I am a third year course rep and student […]

My New Life as an NQN

#HelloMyNameIsTia and having studied at Surrey for the past few years and having run this blog for 2 years, it feels very bizarre to me to be writing this as an ex-student and a ‘guest post’.  I have now been qualified for just over two months and in my new role as a registered paediatric […]

The importance of mental health…

World Mental Health Day is the 10th October, so it feels apt to focus this week’s blog on mental health and wellbeing. When I completed my Children’s Nurse training almost twenty years ago, mental health and wellbeing was not as widely recognised or championed as it is today for healthcare students. The focus was different […]


Welcome to the University of Surrey’s Child Nursing Blog! We are really excited you are here and can’t wait for you to read some of the amazing posts we have in store for you. From reflections to top tips, we hope this blog will help you through your nursing journey and provide some insight into […]

My feelings of a slightly different first year.

#hellomynameis Shannon, I’m a first-year student who unfortunately had their first year cut short due to the current pandemic. It feels so surreal that when I return to uni I’ll be a second year. Nevertheless, first year has been a whirlwind and I am here to talk about the feelings I had throughout this year. And boy, there were a lot of them! So, let’s just get started. To start with […]

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