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This blog is written in both English and Chinese, please scroll down for the Chinese Version.

Hi Everyone:

Welcome to apply for the University of Surrey!

This is Charles from China, I am now taking my Master degree in International Hotel Management here at the University of Surrey. I have recently applied to be an International Ambassador to help other students, parents and agents to know how amazing Surrey is. So following I will post something interesting about my life here and hopefully they can help you to know more about this wonderful place.

A little bit more about myself, I come from China, Shanghai. I got my undergraduate degree in English Literature and Translation from Shanghai Ocean University last year. Some fun fact about me: I was a Chinese Navy solider, an international lifeguard and a Dragonboat coach. This is my first time to come to the UK, it has been nearly half a year since I got here, so far it’s all been great and I will tell you more about that in the following blogs.

Like I said this is my first time to study abroad, it was daunting for me at the beginning, but it was also extremely fascinating, cause I came one day before the earliest moving in date, the first day I came I stayed at an Airbnb which is 5 minutes walk away from the university. Next early morning I went to the accommodation reception in Manor Park and get the key to my room. The location is extremely convenient, it’s 5 minutes from the sports centre, 10 minutes from the supermarket and 20 minutes from the main campus. There are buses going to the main campus and the town centre every 10 minutes.

Views outside my window
My Room

People always say that the summer season in the UK is the best time of the year, I couldn’t agree more, with the temperate sunshine and gentle breeze. It looks just amazing! If you go out at the early morning you would also see the rabbits, squirrels and deer running around (Yes, I saw the deer twice just at the place where I live, I was thinking no wonder our university Mascot is a stag).  

Guildford Cathedral

The most shock truth I found out is in the first week is the super effective delivery service here at the UK, I am a big fan of working out and by the first night I came here, I ordered around 200 pounds of protein powders and other stuff. It took only one day to get it delivered to my place. So if you are a big fan of Taobao and online shopping, don’t worry, you will experience the same service here at Surrey.

Next day delivery protein powder

Right, that was the first impression I have for Surrey. The other Ambassador and my friend Xiao Tong will also show you his experience of studying here in Surrey. Feel free to ask any questions, simply leave a comment below and we will try our best to help!

Stay tuned and see you soon!





就像我说的,这是我第一次出国留学,一开始对我也感到有些紧张,但同时它也非常吸引人,因为我来的比学校公布的最早入住日期还要早一天,第一天我住在一个距离学校只有5分钟路程的Airbnb。第二天一早,我去Manor Park的住宿接待处取房间钥匙。我发现Manor Park地理位置非常便利,距体育中心5分钟,超市10分钟,主校区20分钟。而且每10分钟都有公交前往主校区和镇中心。






以上就是一些我对萨里的第一印象。另一位大使和我的朋友,萨里大学的博士研究生Xiao Tong也将向你展示他在萨里学习的经历。请随时提出任何问题,只需在下面留下评论,我们将尽力帮助!