The learning environment of Surrey 萨里大学的学习环境

Hey everyone! In this week’s blog, I’m going to be sharing with you something about the learning environment in Surrey.

One of the best added-bonus of studying in Surrey, I have to say is the very cozy learning environment that you can enjoy. Almost all the buildings have quite a lot well-organized open spaces for people to chat, study or discuss with the group. The overall layout, building decoration and atmosphere is quite friendly to make everyone feel relax and encourage people-to-people communication. Of course, there are many varies styles regarding to the building that you could find in the campus, for instance, MS building is the place for the school of business and management, the newly renovated bright, smooth environment makes you feel like really being immersed into a business setting; likewise, the 24 hours ope library with multiple functions that can satisfy students’ diversified demands. In the library, from the first to the fifth floor, different categories of archives, books or journal articles are well-sorted and very easily to be spotted. One thing really amazed me is, humanized designs and facilities could be found everywhere here if you don’t want to carry your heavy bag when you go out for class in the middle of your library day, there are many free-using automatic cabinets for you to store your stuff right until 10pm; Even if you forget to bring with your laptop, free-using laptops are set out there for you… apart from these, small group-study room, printing service are all available for you to help you enjoying study journey here. For those students who are lazy to cook by themselves or rush for the classes in the noontime, or don’t want to travel a long way to Tesco to buy some food or daily necessities, the Simply Fresh convenience store in the ground floor of the library could be your savior. Trust me, the Simply Fresh could save you quite a lot of time…the most exciting thing for our Chinese students is, we could find a wide variety of Asian or Chinese food, I mean, not only the frozen dumplings, noodles and hot pot things, but even the Chinese dark sauce, soybean source…

If you want to carry out group study, discussion, research or presentation, there are types of study booths in library and Surrey Hive, and some of them equipped with the complex PC, display and remote communications systems which could help you better present your ideas and study with others more efficiently.



学校里每个建筑都有自己独特的建筑和内饰风格。比如MS楼主要是商科和管理学院所在地,新装修的明亮、简洁、舒适的环境能够仿佛让你沉浸在浓厚的的商业办公氛围之中。同样的,24小时开放的多功能图书馆可以满足学生多样化的需求。在图书馆里,从一楼到五楼,不同类型的图书、期刊、档案被井井有条的归类安放能够让你很容易找到自己需要的内容。图书馆里最让我感到不可思议的就是很多人性化的设计,比如:如果你不想背着沉重的书包或其他东西外出,可以将物品放在很多免费的自动化储物柜;甚至如果你需要笔记本电脑,这里同样有许多免费借用的笔记本电脑可供使用;除了这些,图书馆同样提供小组学习隔间、自助打印服务等。对于那些不想自己做饭、中午着急赶课或不想走太远去城区或Tesco采购食物或生活必需品的同学来说,图书馆一楼的Simply Fresh便利店简直是你的福音!在这里各种各样的食物和生活必需品基本都能找到,相信我,Simly Fresh可以节约你相当多的时间。对于我们中国学生来说,最令人兴奋的莫过于便利店里的亚洲食品专区了,在这里,从速冻水、火锅、各色面食到油盐酱醋料酒…你基本都找得到。