探索萨里:美洛高地 Explore Surrey: Merrow Downs

从佩夫利山(Pewley down)向西走大概10分钟,就可以到达另一个市镇公园美洛高地Merrow Downs。从地形走势来看,North Downs path, Pewley down, Merrow downs都在一同条东西走向的丘岗上,这也就是萨里山的最北端,从这里往西南大概10km,就是萨里山自然保护区了,那里有着大片的林地和品类较丰富的动植物,是众多萨里郡骑行、徒步爱好者喜爱的周末游憩之地。

美洛高地主要分为三部分,城镇公园、高尔夫球会和居民区,这里规划紧致,三者却互不干扰,每一功能区都由林地或灌木丛带隔离开来,有效降低了噪音和球场上人员往来的风险。站在公园区顶部,有一大片开阔地,从这里可以从另一角度俯瞰整个吉尔福德Guildford和沙尔福德Shalford地区,我认为这是除了北山小径North Downs path外最适合登高观景的地方了。

美洛高地Merrow Downs是原先美洛村庄Merrow Village边缘的一块高地,由于20实际上半叶英国城镇化的快速发展,以伦敦为中心的大都会去逐渐形成,周边卫星城也都得到了极大的发展,所以美洛高地后来也就被纳入吉尔福德的管辖范围内了。从广义上来说,美洛高地Merrow Downs也是萨里丘陵区(Surrey Hills)AONB的一部分,位于北部丘陵的丘陵边缘上。


Merrow Downs, in Surrey, England is an area of common land at the edge of the former village of Merrow, now a suburb of Guildford. It forms part of Surrey Hills AONB right on the edge of the ridge of hills that forms the North Downs.

It is owned by Guildford Borough Council, who lease part of the common to Guildford golf club, with the public retaining the right to roam. Most of the common covered by the golf course is chalk downland while other areas are covered by broad leaved woodland. This is predominantly hazel coppice under oak in the older parts of the common, a woodland rich in biodiversity complemented by stands of old yew trees. In the last 100 years the common ceased to be used for grazing and the cutting of hazel, and other tree species such as blackthorn, holly and ash now dominate the landscape, covering areas that were once open grassland.


美洛Merrow Downs公园旁有一个漂亮的高尔夫球场,果岭始终处于维护良好的状态,高地起伏的地形使得球场自然形成了良好的自由排水系统,因此即使在多雨的冬季,球场仍然开放。球场旁边由专业高尔夫球具和服装店以及俱乐部会,这里的工作人员都非常友好,会耐心地为游人指路。站在高尔夫球场的顶部,可以欣赏草木相间的美丽郊野景色,但密布地树林可能会遮挡一部分景致。穿过球场,俱乐部会所右边有一个地方非常适合野餐。在这里进行高尔夫球比赛时,部分路线将被封锁,但赛事组织者仍会为往来行人打开了几条远离击球区地安全通道。这里的许多高尔夫球手和游客都很友好,在他们挥杆击球后不久,就可以从他们前方穿越。因此,基本上这一片的高尔夫球活动,居民区,公园之间可以友好并存,使整个区域看起来非常整洁有序。有机会的话,推荐大家来此一游。

Golf course

There is a lovely golf course which located next to the Merrow Downs park, the greens are always in well-maintained condition, terrain makes the golf course has a naturally formed good free draining system, so even after the rainy winter the course is still open. Staff here are really nice in pro shop and club house. Standing on top of the golf course you would be able to enjoy beautiful views, however, woods perhaps block some of the views. Cross the field, there is a place on the right of the club house which is perfect for picnics. When there’s a gold match takes place here, some of the routes will be blocked and but still several safe paths are opened for walkers. Many of the golfers and visitors are very friendly, shortly after they take the swing you’re allowed to cross in front. So basically, the gold events, residential areas, public park can really coexists with each other well make the whole area looks very neat and organized. So it really worth a visit if you get a chance.

美洛高地Merrow Downs的体育赛事


Sport events in Merrow Downs

Merrow Down was the site of Guildford Bason, the location of the earliest reference cricket match in 1550. Other than this, Guildford Golf Club has used the site of the former race course since 1888.