体验伦敦最盛大的篝火晚会之一:亚历山德拉宫烟花节Experience one of the biggest bonfire nights in London- Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival.


When you first arrive in the UK, it is also winter in London, and fireworks make the early winter nights even more gorgeous and romantic. Every year, November 5 is the bonfire night, also called Bonfire Festival and Fireworks Festival in England. At this time, London and other major cities in the UK will hold fireworks festivals. One of the biggest bonfire nights in London is the Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival. In addition to the fireworks display, there are many interesting events, including a German beer festival, musical performances and a light show. This year’s fireworks festival fell on a Saturday, so I bought my tickets in advance to go to this great fireworks event.

为了避免当天晚上的人流高峰,当天下午四点多钟我们便来到了亚历山大公园等待检票入园。步行至亚历山大公园广场,中央坐落着世界闻名的国家二级保护建筑-亚历山德拉宫,是耗资2700万英镑修复改建而成。亚历山德拉宫,被伦敦人亲切地称为“Ally Pally”,是公园的标志性建筑。亚历山德拉宫位于北伦敦的制高点,从这里可以鸟瞰整个伦敦,美好风光尽收眼底。这里也是欣赏烟火表演的最佳观赏位置。亚历山德拉宫曾是英女王的行宫,现在已经被装修改造为多种功能于一体的玩乐场所。例如宫殿中央的游乐场、溜冰场供大家娱乐休闲,东边的剧院既可以观看电影,也时常被用来举办展览、音乐会等。

We arrived at Alexander Park at 4:00 p.m in order to avoid the rush of crowds that night. Walking to Alexander Park Square, in the center of which sits the world-renowned Grade II listed building, Alexander Palace, restored and renovated at a cost of 27 million pounds. Alexander Palace, affectionately known as “Ally Pally” by Londoners, is a landmark of the park. Located at the top of North London, Alexander’s Palace offers a bird’s eye view of the whole of London and a wonderful view of the city. It is also the best place to see the fireworks display. Once the Queen’s palace, Alexandra Palace has been renovated and transformed into a multi-functional playground. For example, there is a playground and an ice rink in the center of the palace for entertainment, and the theater in the east is used for watching movies as well as holding exhibitions and concerts from time to time.


It is worth mentioning that once most of this palace was closed for more than 80 years. In recent years, the eastern courtyard and theaters of the Alexander Palace have been reopened. The rebirth of the Victoria Theatre and the East Wing of the People’s Palace has reinvigorated this spectacular building and made it an important venue for cultural exchange in London once again through the integration and innovation of modern technology.


The Victorian Theatre – a 19th century theatre that had not seen the light of day for over 80 years – has a strong heritage and atmosphere. A truly “reimagined and redeveloped space,” it was destroyed in a catastrophic fire in 1980 and has survived decades of abandonment to become a miraculous survivor. These previously neglected spaces have their own unique pleasures and historical significance. The grand east courtyard, opposite the palm garden on the west side, was once a magnificent exhibition space and a venue for balls and social gatherings loved by the Victorian public, reminding one of those years of steel and tenderness.


At night, tens of thousands of people gather in Alexander Square in anticipation of the upcoming fireworks display. As the sporadic fireworks break through the dreary night sky like a signal, they also announce the arrival of the most glorious season in the British night sky. When the fireworks break through the night sky, like shooting stars scattered on earth, the beauty will arrive as promised.


“The east wind blows a thousand trees at night, and blows down even more, the stars are like rain”, looking up, the bright fireworks fly into the rich night with the beat of music. Sometimes they rise sharply into the air and go straight to the clouds; sometimes they bloom slowly, like stars and rain. A cluster of colorful streams of light will be illuminated in the night, bringing people a “sound and light” blend of audio-visual feast.

Bonfire Night那天,人们还会聚在一起点起篝火,一起在冬季的晚上获得温暖。在初冬时节,因为有了这些篝火和烟花,也让漫漫冬日变得更加温馨浪漫。

On Bonfire Night, people also gather together to light bonfires and get warm in the winter night. In the early winter, because of these bonfires and fireworks, also makes the long winter day become warmer and more romantic.