What is the exam period look like?

During the final exam period, we usually have revision weeks. We can utilize the revision week to prepare. I felt that our university prioritizes mental health and well-being.

You can find a lot of revision tips in the library. If you find it helpful, feel free to take some with you! Posters about revision range from revision techniques, apps, exam stress management, etc. Besides, there was a whiteboard where you could write helpful tips to inspire other students.

We commonly stress with our final exams as students, especially since it was the first time most students took the in-person exams. How can we deal with all the anxieties, worries, and depression? There was a “ Don’t Worry Surrey” campaign during the exam period. Students’Union was running free well-being sessions to help you destress and drop-in sessions to give you advice if you need it.

Don’t want to stay in your room for the whole day to revise? There were many activities during the exam period to help you destress. For example, you could join massage therapy, happiness café, free yoga session, and so on.

The university also provided different kinds of free drinks and food during January to energize students. Student Union scheduled the Hot Food and Drink event, and you could participate in it when you were at the university.

You might feel stressed during the exam period, and you want to find someone to talk to or somewhere to relax. There are different events and services available that I find it useful at the university you can use.

I think planning, eating, and sleeping well are essential during the exam.