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The latest from the cyber security team

Cyber Awareness Month – Advice on 5G

October is European Cybersecurity Month, and as part of this initiative, the Cybersecurity team, alongside colleagues in the Computer Science department are raising awareness, promoting good cybersecurity practice, and promoting career opportunities in the field of cybersecurity.  The University are one of only 9 institutions in the UK which have both recognition for being an […]

Cyber Awareness Month – Free Capture the Flag Event

The SANS Institute is hosting a UK University BootUp Capture the Flag Tournament on 18-20 October 2023. The challenges in this tournament are perfect for practitioners at the foundation and intermediate skill level and use real-world scenarios, testing their skills across a wide spectrum of cyber security disciplines in a fun and competitive environment. This […]

Cyber Awareness Month – New on-demand cyber security training available

This October marks Cyber Awareness Month 2023. As one of our activities to promote good security for our staff and students the University of Surrey Cyber Security Team is pleased to be launching a new campaign of optional, on-demand training, as requested by a number of colleagues. This training will be available online on the Security […]

Security Spotlight: QR Code Phishing

What is a QR Code? QR stands for “Quick response” and QR codes were designed by a Japanese company in the nineties to label car parts during the manufacturing process. These are incredibly useful in situations where typing out a traditional web address would be time-consuming, such as if you wanted to include a web […]

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