Upcoming events from Surrey Cyber Team

After a busy 2023 at Surrey, with some highlights including winning Cyber University of the Year in the National Cyber Awards along with our colleagues in Surrey Centre for Cyber Security, we have a lot of activities planned for 2024, and therefore wanted to highlight some public engagement events coming up.

UCISA webinar on Microsoft A3 and A5 controls

Tom Brown and Okunolabo Ogunbanjo from University of Surrey Cyber Team, together with colleagues from Royal Holloway, are hosting a joint webinar on Microsoft A3/A5 security controls for UCISA on 27th February 2024, 10:00-11:00. This will cover a timeline of security improvements delivered at Surrey as well as recommendations and lessons-learned for other universities’ security teams, with emphasis on incident response and controls improvement and how the Microsoft licensed controls form part of a defence-in-depth approach. You can sign up for this webinar at:


JISC webinar – The Floor is Lava: Lessons From the Field

Ambrose Neville has been asked to reprise a joint presentation with University of Southampton for JISC which we gave for the JISC Security Conference 2023 back in November. This presentation, along with its companion blog at https://medium.com/@markrwatts/the-floor-is-lava-4e6b0287f019 will cover our information-sharing relationship and how the security team at Southampton have worked together with Surrey for the benefit of each of our institutions. The webinar is expected to be on 27th March, 14:00-15:00. You’ll soon be able to sign up for this webinar at: