Bruxelles aka Belgium

Hey everyone. Sorry it’s been a while but March has passed us by so quickly and would you believe it Easter is here 🙂

As Spring time sets in and the flowers bloom I thought I would share with you what I got up to over reading week in February!

Living in the UK, it is so easy to find a cheap ride to Europe and explore…well that’s just what I did! So, after 4 years of knowing my friend Iliana I finally found time in my busy schedule to go and pay her a visit after my exams finished. It’s so funny actually because I met Iliana at Surrey but it turned out that she was actually greek but living in Belgium and so over the years we became good friends and this year her family invited me to spend a few days with them. Since it only takes 2 hours on the Eurostar, it was so easy to get there!

The highlight of my stay was that I got the opportunity to visit the European Parliament in Brussels since Iliana has a friend who works there. Actually going to the EP in Brussels was always in my bucket list so I was thrilled that I got the chance to see it. Another must that I really enjoyed was our horse ridden carriage ride at the heart of Brussels which is a must for any tourist that visits Grand Place.

Ohh before I forget I have to tell you about the most amazing greek food I had there at Resto Olympiade. It’s a family owned restaurant that my friends parents run for the last 20 years. The family run business inspired my friend to study hospitality management at Surrey and I must say there is no one better known for their hospitality than Greek and Cypriots…even in Belgium. Nevertheless, I definitely recommend visiting the restaurant if you truly want to experience a bit of Europes cultural cuisine on offer in Brussels.

I am thankful for being part of Surrey Uni especially since I have met so many new people from different countries. It has given me the chance to travel so much more to Europe and explore new places with new people too!

Last but not least, I want to say a big THANK YOU to the lovely Rousis family f0r their truly Greek hospitality 🙂

Yours Truly
Lito Rose x