Strictly Come Surrey aka Dancing with the Stars

Hey everyone :D. A lot is going on at the moment so I thought to write a blog about my recent attendance at Strictly the past Friday and share with you some exciting news. To start with Strictly Come Surrey is a charity fundraising event for Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice hosted by the University of Surrey Ballroom & Latin Dance club. I was extremely happy to attend since I couldn’t make it to IGALA this year.  To be completely honest with you, I personally went to support our Cypriot’s Society President Lenos Mastrou who was dancing with our fantastic International Officer Polina Carlettidou. Needless to say, that they were AMAZING performing Shakira’s song Whenever, Wherever in a brilliant Samba choreography. Lenos and Polina are both 3rd year Biomed students graduating this academic year and took the initiative to represent our Society at this charity fundraising event. Lenos is known for providing a sociable and familiar environment that feels like home away from home for Cypriot and Greek students! Also, Polina is a wonderful dancer that creates all of the choreographies for IGALA as well as the one at Strictly and organised a Flash-Mob in town to showcase traditional Greek dances back in December. I have to say that both of them are very energetic since they found time in their busy schedules alongside writing their Dissertations to have as many rehearsals as possible in order to perform their best. I just want them to know that they really made all of as PROUD especially with their WIN. So far, this year has been great with our involvement in various Union event trying to show people our culture, traditions and how we have fun or celebrate events back in Cyprus. Additionally, I have to point out that all of the couples involved were very good and especially lecturers that participated made remarkable dance moves that were later commented by the judges. Lastly, I strongly urge students to participate if their nominated next year because it is truly an honour to help raise funds for charities as well as have a bit of fun with your dance partner.

With Love,

Lito Rose