AGM & Last GREEK Night

HEY everyone!!! I will make an exciting announcement at the end of the blog so watch-out after talking about Wednesday’s elections for next year’s committees. To start with, I am glad that this year we had lots of interest from candidates that wanted to become a committee member which is a really big responsibility. In the end, the ones that convinced the audience got a role in the Hellenic and Cypriot Societies and they will need to prove themselves. As a Vice-President of the Hellenic Society I want to stress out how important it is to have two committees since the responsibilities for such a large group of people cannot be managed by just 7 committee members. That’s why we’ve got 14 in total. The new society looks promising especially with 2 female treasurers that will oversee the societies finances. The aim of the new society is mainly to continue the great work that we so hardly worked to achieve this year. Actually, this year is the first time we applied for STAR Awards for both societies. So, we hope for the best. To either get at least a bronze, a silver or a gold award which means a lot to the societies and at the same time show the improvements we made to the Student’s Union. Don’t worry I’ll keep you posted if we are nominated. However, the societies from the past years also made Greek Nights, House parties, BBQ’s and game nights. This year we decided to step-up the game by bringing to our FINAL Greek Night a Singer Constantinos Nazis from Greece (go check out his songs on YouTube he is very entertaining) and not 1 but 2 DJS. One of my favorite DJ’s that will be present this Sunday at our Final Greek Night in Rubix is called DJ Sunday. He is an amazing guy and he plays the best English hits and our society members love him. Lastly, I want to invite every student regardless of nationality to come and JOIN-US this Saturday Night at Rubix.


Lots of love,

Lito Rose.