Hello again. This post as many of you noticed is about the Eurovision Song Contest that was held yesterday in Portugal and Cyprus managed to burn the whole stadium. I am super excited to announce that Eleni Foureira stole the show and is Number 1 in our hearts. Indeed, she managed the unachievable so far to get the Second place for the first time since Cyprus in the past only managed to secure the 5thplace. I also have to say that before the Grand-Final Eleni won the Marcel Bezencon award for the best Artistic Performance voted by the commentators of the participating countries. Btw the award is named after the founder of Eurovision and rewards the excellence of the participants. This means that people loved her moves on stage and her amazing performance including her famous hairography and she felt so honored. I personally felt that she did a great job with the press and really managed to get the attention of all the social media present. She even had articles written about her on BBC and the New York times which is surreal for Cyprus. Greek people around the world at the moment are so pleased and satisfied by the final result achieved by the hard-work and dedication of the whole team representing Cyprus. At this point I have to say that the song is out in Spanish as well and you should definitely listen to it if you already love the English version of FUEGO. The songwriter is Alex Papaconstantinou, Geraldo Sandell, Anderz Wrethov, Viktor Svensson, Didrick, the choreographer was Sasha JeanBaptise and the dancers are Swedish. This WIN was well deserved and lots of hours of rehearsals and press conference paid-off. Eleni is very professional and she gave as many interviews possible and never denied to her fans to take pictures with them. Cyprus was second by only 94 votes she was soooo close to getting the 1stplace but never-mind Europe knows who the real winner is. Nevertheless, Netta with Israel I believe won because the jury supported her country more but still I have to admit that her song showed diversity. However, our ‘Queen of Pop’ has had several successes in both Greece and Cyprus and she will definitely have an international career now so mark my words. Eleni Foureira for those that don’t now her was born in 1987 in Albania and is a pop singer and actress. She started her solo career in 2010 with the release of her first album and from then she received more than 20 Music Awards. From now on I hope Eleni will continue to dominate the charts both in Greece-Cyprus and abroad.  The reason I wanted to write this blog is because Eurovision unites and I was able to bring my University friends together to watch it.


With love,

Lito Rose