Done with EXAMS

OMG!!! After 4 years at university I finally finished my last ever academic exam yesterday. I still can’t believe it and I have to say exams are not that bad after all.  Even if you think the exam paper is a difficult one at the end the mark you get is not that bad as you expected. Personally, I used to stress a lot especially in my first year but later on up until now in Masters level I am able to cope with the pressure and be productive. The best tip I can give is NOT let anyone stress you out with assumptions before or after the exam. Also, try and be as optimistic as possible especially when you worked hard the whole semester and revised days in advance of the exam. Please make sure to attend revision classes for your own good. Lecturers and tutors are there to help after all. Luckily, I managed to be very calm and positive the last 3 years and I was the one cheering everyone up before we took the exam. My top study tips are: have a look at past papers especially if you are a business student (don’t know if this works in all courses btw but it is useful) and then after the revision session make your own notes, if the exam has a case study you better find a group of course mates to study with because different perspectives help a lot (trust me). BREAKS: make sure to make some free time for you to have a walk at the lake or go wonder around town. It is very important not to stay in your room the whole exam period otherwise you will end up really stressed and depressed. GO OUT!! Either for food or for a drink with your friends and take your mind-off exams for a while. At the end exams do not last forever we are all just tired and want to finish. Lastly, have a goal to work towards, arrange to go on a trip, excursion or even a concert to have to look forward to. This year I am very pleased that I finished my exams before my birthday next week 😀 So, I decided to book tickets with friends from my course and go see Beyonce OTRII that’s what kept me going through exams.

Ps. make an exam playlist listening to music you like it helps a lot.

Yours truly,

Lito Rose