I am extremely glad that exam season is over and I hope everyone is now having a relaxing holiday break 🙂 . This blog as many of you realized from the title is about the concert of Beyonce and Jay-z named OTR II. I was lucky enough to purchase a ticket for the 16th of June since the first concert the day before was sold out weeks ago. I have to say that I am a huge Queen B fan and I really enjoyed seeing her on-stage. She was amazing and her performance was out of this world from the lighting to the incredible dancers and the moving stage. Needless, to say that in each concert she wears completely different outfits which is incredible. If you’re a fashion addict you would appreciate each individual masterpiece from designers like Mugler. Beyonce opened the show with a highly publicized leopard print bodysuit which included a large matching hat. In the closing act, she sang Forever Young and the Perfect duet with Jay-z and had her own Givenchy moment wearing a bodysuit with an oversized bow paired with a long detachable skirt in bonded lace, hand-embroidered with crystals. I can’t wait to see what other tricks she has up her sleeve in the form of outfits for the following concerts. The whole show included videos of the Carter family life and clips from their house including never before seen pictures of their twin babies alongside Blue Ivy their older daughter. The show was dedicated to love and they showed their own real love story both on stage and on screen. Bey sent the message that love never changes love is universal after showing the chase of the gagster (Jay-z) to win back the queen (Beyonce). I highly recommend to all of you reading this blog to go see her in concert her voice is so good. I guess Surrey students are lucky since our campus is so close to London 35 minutes via train and we can attend any concert we like. I personally went with my uni friends and its truly an experience I will never forget since we had such a great time.

Lots of love,

Lito Rose