PARTY TIME!!!! If you like birthdays this is a blog you should definitely read. So here it goes, on the 15thof June I turned 22 and my boyfriend organized a surprise party with 2 of my close uni friends to celebrate in advance (some of my uni friends already left to go home btw). Basically, they went into my flat earlier on the 14thof June and decorated the flat with lovely balloons and Souraya (my fav Lebanese girl) and Johnfot (my greek friend) brought a lovely cupcake selection which was my birthday cake. You should be all wondering why not on my actual birth date but the thing is on the 15thI left and went to London to celebrate. I have to say am so thankful for all of the lovely wishes I got and the surprise I will never forget, I still remember my scream that scared poor Johnnyfot and I am so sorry that my birthday candles burned Sourarya’s finger <3 sorry girl :(. If your still wondering why Johnnyfot is not just Johnny and I add a fot next to his name is because his surname in Greece which is Foteinos means Light. He definitely lights up my day especially when people annoy me. Also, I want everyone that is reading this to know that as you grow older you understand the true meaning of few and REAL friends rather than having a room filled with people that won’t really care about you on your special day.  Key takeaway message is make friends with people that show their true colours. Surrey University is a great place to make friends with international students so you can keep in touch when you each return to your country and even visit them. I hope that I will soon be able to visit Souraya in Lebanon and both her and Johnny can come over to enjoy the sun. Over my 4 years at Surrey I met truly amazing people and I believe we are going to be friends for a long time despite the distance between us.

Lastly, a big thank you goes out to everyone that made  my b-days extra special.

With love,

Lito Rose