Thursday Market

Hello everyone!
I hope you are doing well! Today I wanted to write about thursday market in uni. Every Thursday inside of rubix, nightclub run by students union, there are numerous stalls with lots of fresh produce and bakery. But my favorite is vintage kilo sale! You can get anything you want only for £15 a kilo. I bought two coats and paid £25 which was a great deal for two coats. They also have so many different styles of clothes so I am sure you will find yourself one too! It is also so much fun to go though clothes! In addition, every Thursday, outside of students union there are so many food stalls from middle eastern food (lord falafel) to indian food as well as spanish. For example, on Thursday I am on campus from 9 am to 5 pm and during our break between lectures me and friends go to the food stalls to grab freshly cooked food! They are always so tasty and as a vegan I can safely say there are a lot of vegan and vegetarian options you can choose from to name a few falafel and vegan meatballs on rice!! If you want to know more about which stalls are there and where exactly they are located here’s the link;

Till next time,

Vintage Kilo Sale in Rubix